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Nov 19, 2016
Oct 14, 2011
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Apr 22, 1977 (Age: 43)
Bordeaux, France

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PetForums VIP, 43, from Bordeaux, France

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Nov 19, 2016
    1. Zaros
      York you say. I've had some very pleasant weekends in York and often finished up resembling that well trodden American tourist area 'The Shambles'
      Well those weekends I'm able to recall anyway.

      The dislike of English people on a global scale might be down to our History. The Frenchies, for example, have disliked us ever since the 100 year war. Although a fractured and sporadic conflict something very serious and naughty must have taken place during the 15 years no one appears to want to account for yet are still quite content to pull faces at us and we at them. ;)
      My wife is a Lappi. (Laplander) These folks are the blood stock of the original settlers who came to Finland 10,000 years ago. They are very hospitable and genial folk.
      They have an old and traditional Joke about Modern day City Folk Finns:
      What's the definition of a Finn?
      An Ape who fell from the tree into a Mercedes.

      Finns idolise the Mercedes.

      All the best Zaros
    2. Zaros
      Sorry I'm having a hard time with a member finding great sadistic amusement in the idea that someone tried to run me down will respond to yours ASAP
    3. Zaros
      Hi. Thanks for your response to the thread 'No value'
      I'm a Yorkshire born and bred lad myself and originally hail from the once small fishing community aka Kingston Upon Hull.
      I was particulary interested in your comments; re 'Xenophobes' as my own personal experiences have been fairly similar to the ones you tell of. Finland is a terribly insular country and its people have no qualms airing their racist views to those who are not welcome here.
      They fought fearless and hard for their soil and no one except another Finn is entitled to step foot on the hallowed ground.
      Also your comment re 'Hunters' and again, just as you have experienced with certain quarters of the Dog owning community there, we here are also surrounded by hunting types who also treat their Dogs with indifference. hey see it as nothing more than a tool for doing a job.

    4. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi, thank you for the like. tttfn
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    Apr 22, 1977 (Age: 43)
    Bordeaux, France
    I was born and raised in York, England but move to south west France in 2004, I have 2 daughters (Leila and Sophie)....love life here in the sun but do miss family, friends and bacon.
    Mummy to my girls, Nikita the Siberian husky and Gold the Samoyed.
    Hobbies : my family and dogs, abseiling, canyoning, reading, travel.


    Lisa x
    Mummy to : Nikita the Siberian husky and Gold the Samoyed.

    RIP - Koda-Bear the Bernese Mountain Dog (my best furry friend and canine soulmate):001_wub:, Scott the Newfoundland (miss ya big guy) :001_wub:, also Fliss, Tara, Sophie, Ben, Poppy and Scamp.
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