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Nov 19, 2016
Oct 14, 2011
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Apr 22, 1977 (Age: 44)
Bordeaux, France

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PetForums VIP, 44, from Bordeaux, France

LisaZonda was last seen:
Nov 19, 2016
    1. SixStar
    2. H0lly
      Hello how are you doing, Hope you are well and that little pup is behaving :) xx
    3. DoodlesRule
      you are very welcome
    4. Manoy Moneelil
      Manoy Moneelil
      No problem you deserve a medal just for being there LOL !:D
    5. Kiwi
      Hi there! The pic of Nikita with your daughter is soooo sweet! x
    6. Kivasmum
      so sorry i missed your thread :D i have replied now ;) ha ha x
    7. Cloud&JaysMum
      awwww well done sounds like she is going great with it ...... I still dont feel 100% ready to make that transition ...... I know I need to just plunge in however I have given her a little raw pork and a little raw mince beef over the last couple of days and she seems to have been fine ...... and she certainly enjoyed it. I don't know if you are on facebook but I have joined a group on there that offer advice .... its called British Canine Barf Health. I might try my luck at a chicken leg next week just to see what she thinks ;)
    8. Cloud&JaysMum
      Hey ....just wondering when you plan to take the plunge with RAW and nikita ??? I am hopefully going to be ready in about a months time ..... I have to work my freezer space out first as I dont want to start and then run out of food. :D
    9. Malmum
      She'll keep you on your toes and will be great for physical exercise like running, you can get her a canicross harness and go running together - not that I do the Mals but you look much fitter than me, lol! Teebs is such a gorgeous boy and absolutely fearless of these big guys!
    10. Dogless
      Much better thank you; nearly himself - refused walks all day until this evening, just had 20 mins on lead but is eating with enthusiasm, looking for trouble and staring at me when I cook which means he's back to himself, just a bit wiped out I guess!
      Hope all good with you today x.
    11. Malmum
      Love your puppy pics BTW - gorgeous!
    12. Malmum
      You're more than welcome and feel free to pm if anything more specific any time. Thanks for the rep. xx
    13. Dogless
      Thanks for asking; very kind. He still hasn't eaten but has had a few plays and no diarrhoea since 0930 so really hope he will be better tomorrow. My best friend a few doors away is a very experienced vet nurse which makes me feel a little better!! x
    14. H0lly
      Prob a bit weird, Im glad you have joined, i relate to alot of your posts, Hope Nikita is doing well
      Holly , Dora and Otis xx
    15. Dogless
      Thanks for the rep; Happy New Year to you and yours x.
    16. Goblin
      Thanks for the rep
    17. Sled dog hotel
      Sled dog hotel
      Thank you for the rep and the comment, much appreciated.
    18. Mr Gizmo
      Mr Gizmo
      sorry about the copy and paste,I'm at work and was demonstrating the features of this forum to a work colleague and was taking a short cut to show how to set up a poll and pressed submit by mistake.
    19. Pitterpatter2009
      aww what a shame im sure youre new puppy will entertain you loads but they never realy replace them do they :)
    20. Pitterpatter2009
      your newfoundland looks greatt !!
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    Apr 22, 1977 (Age: 44)
    Bordeaux, France
    I was born and raised in York, England but move to south west France in 2004, I have 2 daughters (Leila and Sophie)....love life here in the sun but do miss family, friends and bacon.
    Mummy to my girls, Nikita the Siberian husky and Gold the Samoyed.
    Hobbies : my family and dogs, abseiling, canyoning, reading, travel.


    Lisa x
    Mummy to : Nikita the Siberian husky and Gold the Samoyed.

    RIP - Koda-Bear the Bernese Mountain Dog (my best furry friend and canine soulmate):001_wub:, Scott the Newfoundland (miss ya big guy) :001_wub:, also Fliss, Tara, Sophie, Ben, Poppy and Scamp.
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