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Feb 7, 2013
Aug 8, 2011
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west yorkshire

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PetForums VIP, from west yorkshire

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Feb 7, 2013
    1. SixStar
      Will take a look now - my lot are ok, thanks - think I may have got a new addition since you were last here? Ozzy the Newfoundland. :)
    2. SixStar
      Would love to see some pics of him and the new boy! We're all good here thanks :)
    3. SixStar
      Hi, nice to see you around again. How's Buddy getting on? He must be huge these days!
    4. MGarland
      I am in love with Buddy.

      The name and his cheeky grin are a perfect match!
    5. luke61188
      if its not too much trouble could you answer a quick question about your rotti
      does he/she shed much?
    6. Dogless
      I am the all seeing eye ;).

      Not really - look on 'edit profile' and it is at the bottom of the page; I only found out about rep the other week by accident - thought the blobs just grew as you posted :o.
    7. Dogless
      Or cost you a fortune as people write about all these new fantastic items you never knew existed!! :scared:.
    8. Dogless
      Thanks for the rep; very kind x.
    9. tiggerthumper
      Thank you so much for the rep :) xox
    10. sailor
      Thanking you for the rep :thumbsup: hope you and yours are all well :) x
    11. lisaloo1
      hi larry, thanks for sharing the pic, its so cute :-)
    12. tures
      hi !lisal!how are you ! i am larry ! nice you ![IMG] sharing the picture with you ![IMG]
    13. lisaloo1
      thanx for that I will look into the foods, I have an app on my iPhone called dog buddy and it has a diary, weight, veterinary, vaccinations and medication,s allergies, tabs where I can input everything, which I am doing, like u I want to know what I'm talking about when I visit the vets even if I don't lol
      thanks for your time its really appreciated
    14. Manoy Moneelil
      Manoy Moneelil
      Food is big subject. I don't feed biscuits, I don't like how they are made, the contents & huge profit they make for Proctor & Gamble. I do not want to brainwash you but let you make your own choice about the value for money that you get from kibble vs homemade or Bones And Raw Food. (AKA Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) We do a mixture of homemade & BARF it suits us and IMHO its better quality and cheaper than shop bought. You pay a lot for that convenience. My quick calculation suggests that Wainwrights will cost ~£2/Kg where as something similar home made costs 63p/Kg. Go look at the cheap frozen meats section of your local Sainsburys/Tesco where Chicken is £1.50/Kg. Rice once cooked is about 20p/Kg then look at the ingredients of the bag of biscuits.

      Dogs LOVE raw mackerel - Just chop off the sharp bits - after a few months of one a week he will have a coat like polished furniture, oily fish is great for bones too.
    15. Manoy Moneelil
      Manoy Moneelil
      Hello Lisa, sounds like you are doing the right things, the "stand on cage" thing is really good - they like to get a better view. Teeth and ears: great to hear you are on the case.

      Human babies get sick, so do dogs it's natural as is you worrying about it when it happens: So expect it, I keep a doggie diary and just note down things that are important. I have the doses of antihistamines that I use on them, when they get/need vaccinations and the batch number of what is injected. (This does two things - gives you a greater understanding of the medical situation AND sends a clear message to your vet that you are an informed and aware owner.) I also have a note of their normal pulse rate and body temperature. When one is sick I know in what way he is sick. And (touch wood) it's because he has eaten something he has found and been sick for a day or two.
    16. Manoy Moneelil
      Manoy Moneelil
      They are used to me doing this at any time - even if I carry out a spot inspection while walking they know to submit. If I need to remove a thorn from a paw etc. out in the field they are used to the process - it has become as normal as sit.

      Where we used to live we were close to a 24hr animal hospital and I used to walk the dogs round and pop in to get weighed, say hello to the receptionist and then leave - again it was to train them that the vets/hospital location & smell was a place to visit and not scary. Same with car trips.

      I envy you being in that position to train a pup.

      Final thought in this longer than it should be PM, raw bones are good for teeth and can be digested (start on chicken wings) - cooked bones are bad - they are too tough for teeth and stomachs.
    17. Manoy Moneelil
      Manoy Moneelil
      Please feel free to PM me if I can offer any other thoughts to help you.

      I have responded to your walking thread as well - I apologise if my earlier post has worried you, pups are resilient little things and you are clearly a responsible caring owner.

      If you have not read any books on puppies I recommend a visit to a library to borrow "Raising the Perfect Puppy" by Cesar Millan.

      One thing that I do suggest you explore is getting the pup used to inspection, I did this with the idea that I wanted them to be used to a vet's table and having mouth, ears, feet tail etc poked or treated in the case of a problem. It has become part of general grooming for which they both submit for. I go over their ears, poke and clean their teeth, open up between the toes (hiding place for ticks) and handle legs and tails....
    18. Manoy Moneelil
      Manoy Moneelil
      To be honest when mine were pups we didn't measure their food very much and just fed what we felt filled them up. Often raw mackerel or chicken for breakfast, the stew stuff for lunch (twice during the day) and then either chicken or "treats" at night time when we ate (we ate first).

      If you are doing training with treats during the day consider using this to provide the extra calories you are looking to give him. Lightly cooked liver cut into 1cm squares is good - but be aware of feeding too much of this rich food as loose stools can result. :ohmy:

      From my reading and understanding of what dogs lived on before mass marketing of "pet food" was a mixture of BARF and left over human foods, and that is what mine eat these days - the human food however is a specially made mixture of the vegetable left overs cooked with chicken skin and any bits left over. (often rice or potatoes mixed in, but green stuff etc.).....
    19. Manoy Moneelil
      Manoy Moneelil
      Very rough guides suggest: (taken from a book I have)
      1 month 2 - 3 Kg
      6 Weeks 4 - 5 Kg
      2 Months 7 - 10 Kg
      3 Months 14 - 17 Kg
      4 Months 17 - 23 Kg
      5 Months 24 - 31 Kg
      6 Months 30 - 35 Kg

      But even as I look at these figures I know a lady Rottie that is under these weights during her growth.

      As long as he is not thin being a little underweight is not a big problem. What food are you feeding? I'm a very pro BARF based on health benefits and I find it cheaper too, but we get chicken carcasses a bit cheaper than most people.

      The very general suggested guides I've read suggest at young age about about 10% of the body weight per day spread over 3-4 meals. Trailing off to 3-5% of the body weight when adult depending on activity. Also I allow them to put on a bit of fat for Winter.....
    20. Manoy Moneelil
      Manoy Moneelil
      My big dogs are 3 year old rottie crosses and weigh in at 45Kg, their dad was pure Rottie and 53 Kg so they are at their maximum weight now.

      How are you judging him being underweight?

      Consider his parents weights and that of the litter mates, the runt of any litter of pups will be a bit smaller than average and result in a smaller adult as well....
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    west yorkshire
    hi im lisa and i have a 11 week old rottweiler called buddy


    if you want to see a person for who they really are watch how they treat their animals !
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