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May 10, 2013
Apr 12, 2012
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May 10, 2013
    1. Lisa88
      Thank you both for your help and being so welcoming! I feel so relieved that there is advice beyond relying solely on the vets.
      Paddypaws I'll email you directly.
    2. Paddypaws
      Hi Lisa,
      please email me on [email protected] with your contact number if you want to chat. I am in and out with work most of today but tell me when is a good time and I can call you.
      Please don't worry that I am some random nutcase.....I lost my darling Paddy last year ( not to diabetes I hasten to add ) after 2 years of handling his diabetes perfectly at home. The members on the forum I sent you are the most amazing bunch of people, we all love our diabetic cats and want to do all we can to help others deal with this disease.
    3. buffie
      Not sure if you are trying to PM paddypaws or the not.If so you need to have made 25 posts I think, before you can PM anyone.Just go and make some random,welcome posts on the intro's section or anywhere you can contribute to make up your post count.Good luck with your cat and welcome to the forum.
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