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Jun 5, 2020 at 11:17 AM
Jun 24, 2011
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December 10
That's for me to know!

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    1. Bellaspringador
      It is nice everyone wants to pet her but I wish they would ask first. She calmed down loads lately but she still jumps a little and for young kids that can't be nice. There one little girl who on number times tried taking the lead off me. I keep telling her no but what can you do. I tend to avoid kids as they and Bella just gets excited and will lead to one of them getting hurt as they do just wave hands in front of her! You would never go up to a child and start petting saying how cute so why should a dog be different! I think going to find better park to walk her in. Thank you for all your advice :-) def helped loads.
    2. sskmick
      Exactly, whether we call owners bad or irresponsible it has nothing to do with the breed of the dog. I have to say even though I own a Staffie unfortunately they did attract the wrong type of owner. I find it refreshing when I meet like minded doggy walkers, as it makes our doggy walks, much more enjoyable.
    3. Bellaspringador
      She is normally very sweet and just so happy loves everyone. Just unfortunate she picks the one guy who clearly wasn't very understanding of her playfulness! Thanks again for your comment. I'll def be using this forum more to help!
    4. Bellaspringador
      Thank you so much for your comments bout Bella and the cyclist. :-)
    5. Maria_1986
      Thank you, yes that is my dog Chevy :)
    6. lostbear
      You're very welcome. :)
    7. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      thank you for the like re h/t/disabilties, hope you and you are well, ttfn.
    8. jenniferx

      I read this and the chats we had forever ago suddenly came to mind! I don't know whether you've tried this one or what but I just thought I'd mention it anyways!

      'Eczema was ruining our lives - we never slept': Mother at her wit's end with son's skin condition discovers cure that worked in just DAYS | Mail Online

    9. Spellweaver
      Thank you for the rep on the "should this be allowed" thread :)
    10. leximoo
      Thank you so much for the kind words of encouragement and the suggestions. :)

      I will try putting him down on the floor next time. Honestly, it was just a shock that he was humping me and I was quite disappointed, he is my first pup in a long time and so overreacted without meaning to.

      Thanks again, I appreciate the suggestions.
    11. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      thank you for the like re fishermen thread, hope you and yours are well, ttfn
    12. Flamingoes
      Lmao thank you for the rep!!

      Fecking auto-correct *runs into yard and shakes fist at sky* xx
    13. Flamingoes
      Soggy four the posts .o I've juice got another eye phone after ages :iSight :o
    14. danielled
      I'm fine. Been working today at the garden party at the hall.
    15. noushka05
      LOL My labour MP has been faultless, hes done everything I've ever asked of him. So to keep him sweet I keep promising he can rely on my vote in an election. What I didn't tell him was he can rely on my vote, 'unless' theres a Green candidate:devil: lol

      (You are most welcome for the rep x)
    16. danielled
      How are you.
    17. Mirx3
      Thank you for the rep! Glad I could help. :) Gaming is kind of my thing haha.
    18. danielled
      I'm a dimwit, I just posted my thread in the wrong section by mistake.:o
    19. BOOGNME
      You are a lovely lady who didn't deserve to be called a bully x shame on who posted that remark
    20. danielled
      Endo is back under control, hall is fine now relying on donations, a lot of staff have left because of what the council did, because they broke a promise a lot of my friends couldn't afford to stay as their wages were cut so they left. If she growls at you again I'm going to pop her on my ignore list too.
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    December 10
    That's for me to know!
    I enjoy reading, creative writing, walking and training Milly, and doing jigsaw puzzles.


    Owned by Madam Milly (Lurcher) and Honey Monster (Chihuahua)
    RIP Max - No longer at my side but always in my heart.

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