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Jun 2, 2020 at 6:28 PM
Jun 24, 2011
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December 10
That's for me to know!

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Moderator, Female, from That's for me to know!

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Viewing thread What would you do?, Jun 2, 2020 at 6:28 PM
    1. mimmi cat1234
      mimmi cat1234
      kann mier jemand helfen????
    2. househens
      Hope you are feeling well? Kiwi hasn't been on since the 13th. Bit of a worry. Do you know any of her closest chums? I suppose you have tried all the baby eczema products? Checked if they have any new offerings? They might be the mildest. I hate not being able to help.
    3. househens
      It's freezing here and Gympie hasn;t turned up, because I am late. Gussie has turned up for a feed. Such a funny girl(sheep) Couple of kookaburras having a feed. I so want to make hot soup, to eat it, but I can't face the cooking. Even the chooks are back inside, as it is miserable outside. Unloaded 200kgs of bird mince, (very fatty) to freezers. 240 kgs of grain for birds in van but too boggy and miserable to move it. Bought a pillow for me at an opshop. $5 with case. It's V shaped. 3 books, and 2 towels $13 total I wish I had a proper chookhouse. They were SUPPOSED to sit in a cockie cage, behind the tv, at night. Now they are like grown up children. Can't get them out. At least they don't have friends over...
    4. househens
      Calling in to check. Hows your skin and sleep? I've lost track of the tests. Did you say the 16th or 6th? How are the fish? Patsy is calling in every day. I was only able to buy her because she had is so few teeth, and it is so cold and wet, so I'm giving her expensive horse feed mix. Just read of a 23 yo wirelessop/gunner in the RAAF, who died in Egypt. in 1942. John Charles Anderson. Imagine the heartbreak, and can you believe it? This lad died of head injuries, falling off a pyramid, in Gaza! The most popular purebred dog with the pilots, seems to be black labs. Tho I'm only going by some photo's I've dug up. Any new oils, etc., helping? I need to cook, but I shall have to hide this thing, to get anything done...
    5. Valanita
      I have a pond, with fish, but I guess you live too far from me, otherwise I could re-home the goldfish for you.
    6. househens
      I told them to wait, and went inside to get the mince and cheese... Then I came out and doled it all out. Nobody stops back to chat, or ask me how I'm feeling... The choughs go through 1/4 kg of cheese at a sitting, but don't come every day. If it is really cold, or I'm feeling low, they have come to my back door, (glass) and I sleep next to it, and they call and look in at me. Gympie will come and sing to me.(Tho in translation, he's probably saying, get up you lazy, fat old gobshyte...) It is such a buzz, to have wild birds fly to you in trust. Just thought, like that scene in, was it Sleeping Beauty? Except I'm not a beautiful cartoon, I'm a fat old woman, that resembles a bag lady...
    7. househens
      Are you going well? Thinking of you. This afternoon, not only 'my' special magpie and his mates, flew to meet me, when I walked out my door, but a whole extended family of white winged choughs flew to me. If you can imagine, it was like 30ish magpie sized birds flying to me, as tho I was a magnet! The maggies wanted mince, the choughs, cheese...
    8. househens
      If you want agiggle, get a load of 2 of the complaints Whippetty got at work


      I've lost my tv guide twice, tonight. Plus I've got the terrible twins, black cats, bouncing 6 feet in the air, trying to catch moths, with the light on. Dull thump, Dull thump, Dull thump, Crash of something no longer of any value...

    9. swarthy
      Many thanks for the rep - very much appreciated. Do let me know how you get on - I honestly believe you will find if you can get it under control how differently everything will look - Good luck xx
    10. x PIXIE x
      x PIXIE x
    11. springerpete
      Hi, saw youd paid me a visit, just thought I'd say hello, Pete.
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    December 10
    That's for me to know!
    I enjoy reading, creative writing, walking and training Milly, and doing jigsaw puzzles.


    Owned by Madam Milly (Lurcher) and Honey Monster (Chihuahua)
    RIP Max - No longer at my side but always in my heart.

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