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Jul 28, 2015
Jul 24, 2013
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Aberdeenshire, NE Scotland
farmers wife

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PetForums VIP, from Aberdeenshire, NE Scotland

lilythepink was last seen:
Jul 28, 2015
    1. StormyThai
      Thanks for the rep :)
    2. lostbear
      Cheers babe! Thanks for the rep. Who knew this would get so exciting?
    3. Blackcats
      Arghhhh, deleted your PM by mistake. Sounds like you've been having your hands full. Running around kids actually makes me frightened, haha. Just makes me all nervous for some reason. Am glad I'm not you at the moment. Hope you're not too stressed. And sorry the whole thing didn't work out for you. I would have been sad and peeved. I hope you get to do it soon. :)x
    4. Blackcats
      You've been quiet lately hun. Hope everything is okay your way.xx
    5. Ceiling Kitty
      Ceiling Kitty
      Thanks for the green square! :) xxx
    6. JANICE199
      Thank you for the rep. xx
    7. DT
      Hello there
      Im still around
      proverbial bad penny me;)
    8. Hanwombat
      haha come back lostbearrrr :p
    9. cinnamontoast
      Thanks for the rep! X
    10. emmaviolet
      Thank you for the rep on the hunting tread. x
    11. noushka05
      You're most welcome :) x
    12. lisaslovelys
      Thankyou for the rep :D glad it made you chuckle x
    13. tiatortilla
      Only just saw your rep, a very belated thankyou :)
    14. StormyThai
      Thanks for the rep, it's a shame that the mods can't see the one common denominator in all that drama...
      I didn't think they would let her back on..but there was no need for any of those comments and it is now getting very boring..
    15. Blackcats
      Thanks hun. I respect her vote and opinion for no, but to call people sad cases, why does she even bother commenting. Drama. And kick up a fuss on banned members when they supposedly don't want to come back. Am sure she'll think of me now and give me a red present. Oh well. Hope you're okay.xxx
    16. northnsouth
      Just saw your rep. Thanks:D
    17. newfiesmum
      Thanks for the rep xx I think I made an enemy with that one!
    18. Cheryl89
      Hey Lils ;) xxxx
    19. Lunabuma
      Thank you for the rep :) you are very kind.
    20. moggiemum
      when round a friends house years ago i realised i knew all these songs i was singing along to and couldnt believe it was bowie my aunt used to play all his albums when she was baby sitting us :) i had only heard his chart stuff after that .i did have a bit of a bowie haircut at one point ,lol, so trendy- short at sides long and spiky on top and long straight at back ,hehe , i might take my bf to tribute band for bday soon :)
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    Aberdeenshire, NE Scotland
    farmers wife
    Hi, I am a farmer's wife and live in very rural north east scotland.I have had cats almost all my life, some moggies but I adore Siamese and Orientals.
    Currently have 2 Siamese and 2 orientals plus a few farm cats. Never bred a litter of kittens , all cats neutered including farmies.
    4 dogs, 2 mini dachshunds April and Charlie Boy, 1 bullmastiff, Candy and a saluki x greyhound 10 week pup called Tara.

    Horses, cooking and cats.
    Also keep tropical fish.
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