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Jul 28, 2015
Jul 24, 2013
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Aberdeenshire, NE Scotland
farmers wife

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PetForums VIP, from Aberdeenshire, NE Scotland

lilythepink was last seen:
Jul 28, 2015
    1. ouesi
      Thank you for the rep. Sorry that thread got so personal...
    2. Spellweaver
      Thank you for the rep :)
    3. lostbear
      Thanks for the rep - Tails has been getting on my t*ts lately - she/he/it can backlash as much as she/he/it wants - you have to be sensible about some things and weigh up the pros and cons, and to me a dog like this has too many cons to make it safe. OP's call obviously, but I wouldn't be able to relax with this responsibility, and I'd rather part with my dog in a situation where I could be with him to calm him, than have him seized and euthanised in a strange place by strange people.
    4. LurcherGreyoundGirl
      I have actually had lots of members send me messages of praise and support. Many of my posts have been liked. As for my list being empty. So bloody what! Plenty of members on here have empty lists. You also sound incredibly stupid for calling somebody else an idiot when your spelling is appalling. Many fifteen-year-olds are better at spelling than you are! I had to read through your first message several times to make sense of it! Your second one is just about as bad! Oh and I would save my dogs before you any day!
    5. LurcherGreyoundGirl
      So I am a 'nutter' and need 'sectioning' because I don't think that dogs are disposable? You have some nerve! You also have the brazen cheek to say that I cause (that is the correct spelling of the word by-the-way) pets to 'suffer' because I do not happen to believe that a dog's life is expendable! As for me being 'clueless'. At least I would not kill a dog at the drop of a hat! I would use my knowledge to figure what had triggered the bite! And at least I do not come out with callous comments like "... if this had been my dog it would have been PTS 10minutes after it bit the child." Oh and my dogs are NOT poor!! They are extremely well cared for and loved by someone who does NOT think they are commodities!!
    6. ouesi
      Thank you for the rep :)
    7. cinnamontoast
      Thanks for the rep, just noticed! X
    8. lostbear
      Thanks for the rep :) Little Cholera is a fetching child as well :D
    9. rottiepointerhouse
      Thanks for the rep x
    10. Spellweaver
      Just catching up - thanks for the rep on the "members" thread :)
    11. Jiskefet
      Thank you for the rep! :)
    12. Zaros
      Hey. :001_smile:

      Thanks for the Rep' (hobbies) :wink:
    13. lostbear
      Thanks for the rep. :)
    14. rottiepointerhouse
      Thanks for the rep X
    15. lostbear
      Thank you for the rep! Has the thread been closed?
    16. Rafa
      Thank you for my green blob. The silly woman is sounding more and more desperate by the day. x
    17. rottiepointerhouse
      Thanks for the rep x
    18. Blackcats
      Thanks very much for the rep. Xx
    19. DogHeart
      Hi. Come and join our community DogsHeartFoundation.com send this message to all animal lovers to save a soul.
    20. leashedForLife
      Thank U kindly for the rep,
      i need all the emotional boosts i can get, :lol: -
      i've gone from full-time to part-time, again. Waaah!...
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    Aberdeenshire, NE Scotland
    farmers wife
    Hi, I am a farmer's wife and live in very rural north east scotland.I have had cats almost all my life, some moggies but I adore Siamese and Orientals.
    Currently have 2 Siamese and 2 orientals plus a few farm cats. Never bred a litter of kittens , all cats neutered including farmies.
    4 dogs, 2 mini dachshunds April and Charlie Boy, 1 bullmastiff, Candy and a saluki x greyhound 10 week pup called Tara.

    Horses, cooking and cats.
    Also keep tropical fish.
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