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Sep 13, 2012
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PetForums VIP, from Scotland

Where's summer gone? Jun 19, 2016

    1. HelloWorld
      @Lilylass I appreciate all the help, there is no-one who thanks more than I.
      1. Cathy C likes this.
    2. danielled
      The member who posted about their husky who is left outside hasn't been back so hoping that was a wind up. As for them not training the dog sheesh some humans eh.
      1. gintaras
        Jan 31, 2017
    3. Lilylass
      Where's summer gone?
    4. leashedForLife
      I am *so!* sorry, i don't check my PMs & was just posting on the "wound cleaning help" thread, asking for an update, when I saw i'd accidentally dropped the menu on my PMs, with a mssg from U on 6/5!
      I apologize for missing it, & i'm very, very happy to hear U're healing & have recovered most function. U're most heartily welcome, hun. :-)
      1. Lilylass likes this.
    5. Serenity123
      Thank you for your help. X
    6. danielled
      I can't wait, I'll be free from the pain. The eye has caused a constant booming head ache.
    7. danielled
      Thank you. The professor said it will look even better when I have it done.
      1. Lilylass likes this.
    8. danielled
      See what I mean about fancy words for an eye behaving badly.
      1. Lilylass likes this.
    9. westie~ma
      Oh good lol, have liked your post on my wall. That's a new one for me lol
    10. westie~ma
      I think I liked as well eek! but it was meant as a "thank you" like rather than liking Tina struggles.
      1. Lilylass likes this.
    11. westie~ma
      Thank you for putting updates about Tina xxx.

      I'd send rep if we were still on the old system.
      1. Lilylass likes this.
    12. Lilylass
      Why do I want to go to bed when it's dark ...... even if it's only 7pm!
    13. Lilylass
      Excuse any typos - Mia got me a cracker yesterday and I've several big scratches .... incl one right across the top of my typing finger!
    14. OReally
      Tanks for you replay to me. :)

    15. Azriel391
      Thankyou for your support xxx
    16. nicolaa123
    17. SixStar
      Really pleased you managed to find some for her - and I hope Mia appreciates all your effort! :D I've never cooked them before - Google seems to suggest simmering for an hour but that seems like an awful lot, I'd probably try boiling for half of that and see how that goes. I think that's what I'll do when I get round to cooking some up for Mitzy. I'd say they'd be well worth a shot for Maisie - my boys absolutely love them. Heart is very nutritious too and I would have thought it'd be fairly gentle on her sensitive belly.
    18. SixStar
      Hope you're able to find some! I wonder if they're worth trying Mitzy with. She hasn't liked any other fresh meat I've tried her with, whether it's been raw or cooked, but I don't think I've actually ever tried her with heart or offal. I think I shall follow suit and see what she thinks of some boiled up. Thanks for the idea :)
    19. SixStar
      Hi, all good here thanks, hope all is well with you and your gang. Do you have a Chinese supermarket near you? That's where I get chicken hearts (and a whole manner of other weird and wonderful things!) for the boys.
    20. SixStar
      Hi, thanks for asking after her :) So far, so good! She's at a lovely healthy weight now I just hope she manages to keep hold of it all during the very cold weather - she does have a warm place to sleep at night but I'm worried she's still going to burn it all off out and about during the day. We will have to wait and see and keep our fingers crossed!

      I think the Happy Kitty Company may have been mentioned before but hadn't got as far as looking at it yet. I must admit I've just been picking her food up from Sainsburys, she likes their Delicious Collection mousse pots and Butchers tins, and I just get a weeks worth at a time incase she changes her mind! :rolleyes: She is eating more kibble overnight now which I know is frowned upon for cats but as long as she's getting calories inside her I don't mind too much.

      Her coat still looks a bit grim and scurfy, but I suppose that isn't too much of a concern really.

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    Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That's the problem
    ― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh
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