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May 31, 2013
Jun 4, 2009
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May 31, 2013
    1. Angie2011
      Thank you for the like Hun! Hope i did not come across as offensive? i did not mean to, it was just so sad! take care! ; )
    2. nicola1980
      thanks for the rep :0)
    3. leanne2479
      lovley pics of ur pets :O)
    4. Nicky09
      Callie sounds like a lot of fun to have around. Sarah just bosses Liam around and gets him in trouble typical terrier. He does love his kids though they have 2 grandchildren who he loves playing with.
      Sophie is in something like the poodle field cut at the minute as she's being trained as a working gundog so it's pretty easy to manage but we groomed her everyday before that. Max the Bouvier is a lot harder to groom. Nearly every goldendoodle I've met has a different coat. Thank you I think the're gorgeous but I'm biased
    5. Nicky09
      That sounds very like Liam I'm not sure about the smartness though between him and Sarah his Scottie sister she's definately the brains of the operation.
    6. Nicky09
      Hi just had to say your airedale is gorgeous. We walk with one and he's a sweetheart most of the time they're a great breed.
    7. miti999
      I have finally worked my way around this website. Sorry if you thought I had ignored your message. We could talk about airedales all day!
    8. Acacia86
      Lol!! Thats how i felt when the Shires went for their mad 5 minutes!! Please do get pics! I would love to them!
    9. Acacia86
      Awww i love your pets :001_wub: especially the horses! I want them!! I have just seen your post on the poor mare losing her foal :( its so sad. I love Clydesdale's and Shires. I have been around Shires a fair bit in my life and they hold a huge place in my heart.
    10. Oblada
      Hey! thanks for the friends request ;) I see you are quite persistent on the CM thread lol Ive given up now, it does not seem worth my effort as people do not seem ready to listen, they much rather turn things to jokes or simply ignore them and go on repeating the same stuff again ;) Well done you though for sticking so long and keeping your cool! :)
    11. kiera09
      Hiya, Yer the pups are ready nxt sunday! (They're having their first jab n 2nd check up on Monday)Most of them are going that weekend, 2 pups are going at 9 weeks and Lou-Lou is staying till 13 weeks!:)(her owners already booked a holiday.) It's gone so quick,gunna miss em all so much :(
      How did u do at the shows?Have u got any photos? Hows Callie doing?
      Thanx for the picture comments! xx
    12. kiera09
      Hiya, hows things? Check out these boots I bought-They're lush! This website is the best! GUCCI Boot-77-Woman Boot-GUCCI Boot-air Jordan Shoes,Nike Air Jordans, Air Force Ones,Retro Air Jordan, Bape Hoodies,Bape shoes-Tencent Traveler|Jordan Shoes,Nike Air Jordans, Air Force Ones,Retro Air Jordan, Bape Hoodies,Bape shoes-Tencent Traveler|
    13. Patterdale_lover
      Hey she works at honey bottom kennels i think :) And i will be attending abingdon and witney college :D
    14. kiera09
      Hiya hun, WELL DONE! U must be so proud! and ur mum! I bet u cnt wait for the agricultural show! What did Natasha die from? She was stunning!well they all are! If u go on my album,the last 3 photos are the recent ones. Did I send u the link for my utube videos?
      Hows u anyway? We're all fine, well my daughters ill,up now on the laptop wit me!She loved the horse pictures! They made her smile! Take care xx xx
    15. kiera09
      Hiya, was the last message ment for me? U gotta post it on my page or I wnt see it!
      Sorry about your Aunt, How did the funeral go? Hope you and your familys ok -It's a sad time but it will get better.
      Thanx and yes they've all got their own little personalities! There is a "loner" which does play sometimes but is shyer than the rest! (He always gets cuddles-he might be doing it deliberately! ) The others are all nuts! U wanna hear them fighting now-sometimes I gotta split them up!
      So glad Callie's alright now :D Good luck in the shows! Let me know how u get on! What are u dressing up as? Sounds like alot of fun! :D
      We're all fine thanx apart from the pups are passing round worms (coz I wormed them again yesterday) The worms are GROSS! :eek: I'm scared kiera might catch them, but I've told her not to pick them up as she'l get snakes in her bum so she might listen!
      Take care xx
    16. lilacbabe
      Just had a look at puppies first time out and they are lovley.They are funny as they look quite bewildered but just wait another couple of weeks and they will be running about all over the place. Do you find that some of them seem to allways pair up or play with each other all the time ? and you will even see the timid or bold ones at this early stage . Its fascinating to watch the wee personalities grow.

      Had bad news thursday, my Aunt Enid ( who I am named after !! ) suddenly passed away . It was such a shock as she had not really been ill or anything so we are all still in shock. I cant get my head round it and am dreading the funeral today.:crying:

      will talk later

    17. kiera09
      Hiya luv, here's a video I took yesterday,their first play outside with mum and dad outside-as it was so nice! YouTube - Doberman puppies first play on grass!
      They started weaning today and they LOVED it! They wern't so keen on lapping milk and water though,but it's still early days! Take care xx
    18. lilacbabe
      I used to give my pups a wee drink of the milk and water with their food so they coul drink it if they wanted to as they still prefered mums untill they were about 4 weeks,
      The peein on the paper is great and they soon learn to do it there all the time .Not coincidence me thinks ,just clever babies and as you put them there when they wake up they will know that is pee pee time LOL

      Still jelouse !!!! of you and Kelly !!! Tee Heeeee
    19. kiera09
      Hiya hun, I'm glad Callie's getting better, Yer I dilute the milk with a full bowl of water, I think it's because I gave her hlf a tin extra than I normally did, She's off the milk now anyway!Do u think I sld add a tiny bit to the pups food when I start weaning?(sunday) The pups eyes and ears are fully open, and they're running around for about 10 minutes then falling back to sleep!They're even peein on the paper! (I think it might be coincidence!) but I put them on there when they wake up, and it seems to be working! Take care xx
    20. kellystewart
      Ah thanks hon. Yeah they are beauties I'm well chuffed with them and they are suckling so well so hopefully will stay that way!

      God my mates GSD went in to labour today Day 57!!!! shocked man pups are teeeennssy hope they get on ok poor lil mites (8 so far)
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