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Feb 28, 2013
May 19, 2012
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Feb 28, 2013
    1. bethj
      Hi, Hope looks just like my mums puppy so pretty. well done for helping your goldie and not listning to thoses other people and good luck for the future.
    2. Libertybelle
      Thank you, sometimes I feel so alone and upset that I seem to be the only one who wants to help her. She did not ask to be born this way but I would never ever give up on her until I have literally exhausted every avenue. I have been really lucky with my Vet as he is not charging me for any scans, etc, just medication so he is not as money grabbing as some that are out there, he really cares about her as well. Its not a nice business breeding as this was my first litter and you soon realise what breeders really care about their breed and dogs and who are just in it to make money. It has made me grow up enormously
    3. mollymo
      You are trying to help and save your girlie and thats wonderful in my eyes and I really hope you succeed and wish you all the best for pup and yourself.

      My Girls are Emma who is 6, Sophie is 3, and Holly is 10months and all from the south west area with different mums and sires but are all related.
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    Hi, I own 3 goldies, a 5 year old called Bonnie who is acts like a 5 month old pup, a 3 year old show girl called Libby, and Libby's daughter wee Hope, who was one of the 8 born in June but who was diagnosed as a "wet puppy" and who is aptly named. We all live in Scotland and I would not swap them for the world x

    Dog Showing and socialising (socialising is the best bit) and walking the dogs down the beach
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