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Jul 30, 2013
Jun 7, 2010
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northern ireland

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PetForums Senior, from northern ireland

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Jul 30, 2013
    1. Beagle Mafia
      Beagle Mafia
      Beagleuk.freeforums.org • Portal

      beagle forum xxxx
    2. Claire Bear
      Claire Bear
      Ok, Housetraining is becoming a nightmare, 4 poops inside this morning as he didnt want to go toilet outside in the pouring rain! And had been saving it up all night long! Really want to start crating him at night but so nervous about it. He's growing at hell of a rate, I just looked at his photos when we brought him home and he was so ickle! He's growing into his handsome looks though, and keeps giving me the 'how can you be mad at this face' look with the big sad eyes, he's got me right under his paw!
    3. Claire Bear
      Claire Bear
      Things are going much better Thanks, house training is still an on going issue but Im resigned to the fact that its going to take a while, although we've had a couple of dry nights :D He's having his 'time out' in his cage in the lounge when he gets too bitey and excited and thats working wonders, he's growing so fast! 12 weeks on saturday!
    4. Claire Bear
      Claire Bear
      Thank you very much, I appreciate the support and really need it. Im just struggling with work and trying to give Wesley what he needs which is consistency and patience but its hard after a long night in work and no sleep. I really dont want to give up on him, but I just feel lost and like I've failed already and its only been 2 weeks!
    5. maisy my puppy
      maisy my puppy
      your beagle is beautiful looks identical to mine. how old is it?
    6. Helbo
    7. theevos5
      just wanted to wish Lexie a happy birthday xx
    8. sarybeagle
      Your little girl is gorgeous xxx
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    northern ireland
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