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Aug 3, 2020
May 12, 2008
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PetForums VIP, from South England

lemmsy was last seen:
Aug 3, 2020
    1. RangerDaCrazy
      Oooohh a Border Collie that does agility! I always love to see that!
    2. Lauren5159
      Hi :) We're just waiting on a few more results from other tests done yesterday... He had more thyroid tests as I explained that I wasn't too happy or sure with what was done before... His neuro exams were all fine. No abnormalities, which really, may be a good thing... Once we get the new results back, I'll send you a pm... Thanks for asking :) I'll keep you updated x
    3. DoodlesRule
      Thank you for the rep, sorry only just noticed. It is a subject I feel quite strongly about but try to be restrained :)
    4. lozzibear
      A well socialised BC isn't going to be any more aggressive than any other breed. BCs (in my experience) enjoy being in each others company but often aren't fussed by dogs they meet. And with the nipping, while some working people desire that - it is undesirable in a lot of cases. My aunt has a working BC and she never wants her dog to be nippy unless it is REALLY needed so a BC shouldn't be going about willy nilly nipping at other dogs. Unfortunately BCs are a victim of their own intelligence because people think that makes them easy so a lot of those owners do let the responsible owners down. And I know what you mean about them wanting to control what is going on. Mine can be like that but I don't give him the chance.

      I hope that makes sense but I don't want to write a huge paragraph on your page lol so trying to keep it reasonably short :) I have spoken to some other BC owners though, and they like people to have that opinion of BCs so I am going to try and think the way they do.
    5. lozzibear
      Hiya, I wanted to respond to your post on the BC thread on here - rather than go back to the thread myself. I admit I do get sensitive and annoyed over comments people make towards BCs because I hear them all the time and it wears thin. It also seems that it is acceptable when done towards BCs but not when done towards other breeds. I don't really want people wanting to own BCs because I don't think they are suited to a lot of people... but at the same time, I don't like the idea of people actively disliking them, especially when it is over a behaviour that isn't right or acceptable and many BCs to not exhibit.

      I understand what you were meaning in the second paragraph. When I said 'the norm' I wasn't meaning in numbers (although I haven't met a BC out and about like the ones people always describe) but that the behaviour itself isn't 'the norm' (meaning them being nippy and attacking other dogs - not including the eye here).

      It won't let me post my message all in one...
    6. hutch6
      One of mine does that!

      "What ya doooin?", "What's thaa?" "Giz a bit?", "If i take a step forward you gunna giz a bit?"

      If you don't give them anything or something not very tasty like a piece of onion falls on the floor they give you that "F%$£% YOU BUDDY!! I DINT WANT ANY ANYWAY!! I'm goona do something nasty and then not tell you where it is!"
    7. hutch6
      I've never sold one as I never get asked for any. I just use what I shoot myself.

      I guess they are harder to come by than bunnies. Throw a price out there and see what he says.

      Don't worry I won't tell your dogs if you have a stew ;)
    8. hutch6
      Ah yes, a tough one.

      It depends on what outlays are incuured for each rabbit etc. The going rate is about £1.50 - £2.50.

      There are loads of squizzers about right now and they do make a tasty treat from both dogs and, erm, well me :D :D

      Glad you are getting your supply in.
    9. hutch6
      Spelling 98%. See me after class.
    10. hutch6
      Confimration that an email was sent. If it's not in your inbox check your trash folder :)
    11. hutch6
      Ta daaaaaa!!!!

      I have found you a supplier in the Southampton area. If you can get your email address over to me I'll pass it on to the conact and they will contact you direct and then you talk about the agreement etc.

      All the best,
    12. hutch6
      Hi Lemmsy,

      Hope you are well.

      It's wabbit season all year round (no closed season) and shooters are out all of the time when called upon. I don't anypne at the moment but I shall ask around for you and see what comes up.

    13. MerlinsMum
      I'm coming back :)
      It's been far too long but I now have a swishy computer tablet and far too much time on my hands :)

      Hope all is well!
    14. nickmcmechan
      No probs, excellent post, really captured the point for me, thank you :)
    15. leashedForLife
      well... Level-4 is mauling. :o

      i don't think Sleepy's worth that much energy. ;--}
    16. ouesi
      Aaah!!! Jealous!! :)
    17. sezeelson
      No problem!
    18. leashedForLife
      if i were a dog, i'd bite him.
      [Only level-3, tho. ;) ]
    19. leashedForLife
      thank U, thank U, thank U!...
      i kiss Ur feet, i am deeply grateful. :001_smile:

      i got a less-than-great impression of him several years ago, & noticed
      that many of my FF-fellows thought he was the cat's PJs, but i wondered.

      i've only seen 3 or 4 clips, but never thought he was all that wonderful.
      - t
    20. Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Owned By A Yellow Lab
      If you do ask the mods to 'disallow' recommending PTS then I will second the motion.

      I really get the feeling that with that Ridgie, the husband may have been challenging it, maybe it became a bit of a battle of wills. Ghastly predicament.
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    Dog training and behaviour, agility and obedience training with my border collie, music,tennis, jogging, psychology and languages.


    "Train with your brain, not a choke chain!"
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