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Jan 6, 2014
Aug 14, 2009
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Jan 6, 2014
    1. GoldenShadow
      Hellooo just a reminder that the deadline for Secret Santa is 30th September 2012, I need paypal of 50p per dog, your name, your address and your dog(s) names sending to me via PM. Secret Santa Paypal email address is PFSecretSanta@hotmail.com :)
    2. BessieDog
      Can I say between 9.30 and 10 , then?
    3. BessieDog
      Was just going to confirm with you! Yes, fine with me. 9.30.
    4. BessieDog
      Did you see my post tonight about dear old Bess? She got a bit wet!!!
    5. BessieDog
      Can do 9.30? If I come earlier will get caught in the rush hour traffice.
    6. BessieDog
      Yes. We're up for it! How about Wed or Thurs?
    7. BessieDog
      Had a good time this morning. Bess is very tired! Got some great pics which I'll put up later. Nice to meet you.
    8. BessieDog
      I get your drift! Bess hasn't an aggressive bone in her body so I'm sure they'll have great fun. See you around 10.
    9. BessieDog
      Ps. Sounds like they'll get along fine!
    10. BessieDog
      Ha ha! I doubt it. We're going backwards at the moment. At training last night you'd think she'd never heard a command before in her life! Proper little teenager! Lol
    11. BessieDog
      And I'll apologise for Bess!
    12. BessieDog
      Yes. I was going to text you to confirm tomorrow. Looking forward to it!
    13. Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Basil sounds a lot like Dexter :) When I rehomed him he was 14 months and he literally used to fixate on ANY dog he glimpsed in the distance, even if it was two fields away, in the park. He kept zooming off to say hello to them so in the end I had to keep him on a long line and then changed to a Flexi until I got a more solid recall. It took several months and was REALLY frustrating at times.

      If other people at the park said their dogs were friendly and OK with a big bouncy Lab leaping around, I used to let Dex off - I was scared to keep him on the lead the whole time as he'd already missed out on being socialised.

      I also found that once I found two equally bouncy dogs for him to play with regularly, that really helped :)

      However, even now, if we go to a new park, I have to keep him on the Flexi because I know that if he saw a dog he'd never met before, chances are recall would fail.....!
    14. Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Frankly, I think you are amazing to be OK around any dogs that are not your own - I really do. Oh, and I relate to having a dog who is a tad too friendly at times, Dex goes mad with excitement at the sight of another dog!
    15. Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Hi, just wanted to say I was so sorry to read about the ghastly attack on your poor dog. Must be every dog owner's nightmare! My brother's Lab was savagely set upon by a Staffie in a local park; like you, my brother has no problem with Staffies but is now more wary of new dogs that he doesn't know. All best wishes :)
    16. BessieDog
      I spoke to the organiser today. It's a companion dog show organised by the fox terrier club. I thought about the Essex show but it's the day before her first open show and it might be too much to do both.
    17. BessieDog
      . If you pm me your address (or text it) we can arrange a suitable time. I just want it going to a good home and out of my garage. :0)
    18. GoldenShadow
      Sugar might have to re evaluate toma I forgot its Tuesday..!! Get back to you later xx
    19. GoldenShadow
      Yup he's at work tomorrow so I should be free..! My only thing with the forest is he can get out of sight and lost type thing, I like to let him off where there is a bit more visibility if that makes sense? TBH I could bring Milo toma and we could try them both in the field and see how they go together? He is a bit of a thicko but as Basil isn't contagious maybe they could meet?
    20. GoldenShadow
      Waiting for my OH to find out when his days off are next week, he could be off tomorrow but if not I'm free then?
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    Love my animals and wouldnt be without them!

    RIP Sasha - the best dog and so cruelly taken, i'll never forget you xxxx
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