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Aug 21, 2017
Jun 22, 2009
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Dec 17, 1984 (Age: 35)

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PetForums VIP, 35, from Swansea

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Aug 21, 2017
    1. sequeena
      I'm not sure to be honest though it shouldn't be any worse than getting her spayed lol aw bless she's such a cutie!!!
    2. sequeena
      Most pups have them removed so I don't see why not especially if they're catching a lot. All mine have them in but they're quite close to the fur.
    3. sequeena
      Get yourself to a different vet hun that's ridiculous!!!

      She has come on so much though the decider will be fully interacting with other dogs, I'll be putting a muzzle on her just in case, I'm not risking anything. I just have to remember not to be nervous lol!!!
    4. sequeena
      Luna is good with kids just let her go to them in her own time, she's not as bouncy as Sky is lol to make friends with her faster have some treats ready lol. An old man offered her a treat the other day and she growled at him - 2 minutes later she was his best friend!!

      Poor poor Banjo :( Of course you shouldn't give her up it's ridiculous people are even suggesting it!!!!

      Oh you are getting a bunny yay!! :D
    5. sequeena
      Oh poor banjo!!! :( What a horrid thing to happen to her and so young too!!!

      I'm ok :) start therapy next week so hopefully that will go ok. Yeah I'm up for a walk and I might even be able to bring Luna to it (providing it's not too far as buses don't like to let her on now she's so big :()
    6. GillyR
      Oh hun, how worrying, let me know how you get on - if it is that, dont worry too much, it is a simple operation...my molly has it, although it is not too bad at the moment, they have told me it would need surgerey when it gets worsexxx
    7. sequeena
      Oh dear that's not good at all :( perhaps you or another neighbour should have a quiet word?

      Think I'm going to have to cancel tomorrow hun. I feel terrible and been panicking all day I'm so sorry :crying:
    8. sketch
      ooh I'll have a look at the piccies then now.
      so pleased its all worked out sweetie bless ya
    9. sketch
      Aw babes, you have had a terrible time of it havent you, glad badgers mum has her, atleast you have contact etc, must be so conforting to you hunny.
      Breeds can be so different, my two GSD's are like chalk and cheese, quite shocking just how different they are i looks and personality TBH. Dalton is very bolshy and only barks when he needs to, Kane is gobby but a big wuss hahaha. Both are thuglets tho
    10. sketch
      oh me and me big mouth, so sorry about muffin hunny, thats really pants, what a shame, flipping neighbuors, the beggars.
      Hmmm let me think what else you could try, its tricky isnt it hun.
      Bless ya, hope your ok
    11. sequeena
      Haha bet that put a bee in her bonnet!! Sad to hear about that other dog though what are the owners like?
    12. sequeena
      Oh dear!! :( I hope pepsi settles in properly soon :(

      Sure will I'll send her a message on facebook :D
    13. sequeena
      Aw great yeah I'll deff meet up with her somewhere xx

      LOL she sounds like a dream to be honest :p Luna chased Cotton at first but she soon got out of the habit. Though teaching her that the litter tray was not her food bowl was different!!
    14. sequeena
      No I haven't talked to Rachel for a few days x hope she's up for it, it will be nice to see her again :)

      Aw bless she's such a good girl!
    15. sequeena
      Oh that's nice!! My mum's fish deff won't fit in there her tank takes up half the parlour lol!!!

      Swansea Bay sounds good to me! :) I'll probs get a train up as the bus will be crowded and don't think Sky will be happy on a bus up to Swansea lol xx ohh dear I'm sure it'll be fine hun I bet she'll follow Sky who's good with recall x
    16. sequeena
      ooops my bad!!

      Ohhh do you need a fish?? My mum has a tropical tank (well it was charlie's) and only one fish is left. It's a sucker fish or something, he's quite sweet! Oh yes 2 dogs are better than one but not 2 pups together lol it's torture!!!

      I don't mind where we go to be honest lol do you know any good places in Swansea?
    17. sarybeagle
      Have you got a new dog????? Xxxx
    18. dobermummy
      hey hunnie, how are you?

      have i missed something? is banjo your dog? musta been wondering about withmy eyes closed if she is, she is gorgeous

    19. sequeena
      Yes just Sky. Sean will be working and I don't trust myself with those 2 especially around other dogs lol :D

      I don't mind coming up to Swansea but I don't know many places ... well Singleton park but can you take dogs in there pmsl
    20. sequeena
      LOL yeah after 12 is great for me too gives me a chance to sort all the dogs out :D
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    Dec 17, 1984 (Age: 35)


    owned by:

    jake - chocolate labrador
    sydney - liver/white english springer
    twix - dlh cat
    lacey - dsh cat

    never forgetting my baby banjo running free at the bridge, RIP baby xx



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