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Aug 21, 2017
Jun 22, 2009
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Dec 17, 1984 (Age: 35)

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PetForums VIP, 35, from Swansea

Leah84 was last seen:
Aug 21, 2017
    1. sequeena
      No ... lmao
    2. Spaniel mad
      Spaniel mad
      They are great tags

      Crofty done them for me. Im just awaiting my new one that includes Esme x
    3. sequeena
      Yes you are so nice in naming your fish LMAO
    4. sequeena
      Heh... interesting.
    5. sequeena
      Isn't that the one she got rid of?
    6. sequeena
    7. Spaniel mad
      Spaniel mad
      I do have more but it doesnt seem to want me upload them lol

      Ebay. They are great
    8. Spaniel mad
      Spaniel mad
      Umm not sure. If not i will add some for you to see

      Yeah Golden Retrievers are great, I would love to get another one day

      I was given them all from friends who couldnt sell them and fell in love :-)

      Aww you will love having another baby
    9. dobermummy
      haha, if you do decide to do it make sure you record it for me :lol:
    10. Spaniel mad
      Spaniel mad
      LOL Stream is Brooke's sister, had them over a year now. Esme is almost 4 montsh old. She is my first b/w springer

      Aww i couldnt imagine not having my dogs. I have 12 cats now too lol so they give us plenty of cuddles
    11. dobermummy
      i can just picture you shredding things up with your mouth on all fours like a dog PMSL
    12. dobermummy
      i like your style :thumbsup:

      i need to hoover again, you wouldnt believe ive already done it twice today lol
    13. Spaniel mad
      Spaniel mad

      We are all great thanx. Hows your gang??

      Yep i got Flake but shes infact now called maisie as Flake didnt suit her. We have another new addition since then called Esme who is a Black and white springer xx
    14. dobermummy
      yeah the right dog will come along at the perfect time for you and it will all fall into place, and tashi is definately the right person to help :thumbup:

      its ok with oh not being here, just need someone to offer to have the kids for a day or two so i get some time on my own (not that i would know what to do with it :lol:)
    15. dobermummy
      yep he is a bit of a live wire lol

      he is about 10 weeks old we think, he was rescued from oh's 'mates' shed :mad: :mad:

      are you going to get another dog?

      i have done bits of tidying then come on here for 5 mins then a little bit more, good job my oh is away til friday :lol::lol:
    16. dobermummy
      about to start on a massive tidy up too, and i really need to bath the dogs but its a bit of a mission in its self lol

      have you seen the pics of mouse in my album? he is growing so fast now.

    17. dobermummy
      hiya hun,

      how are you?

    18. sequeena
      Ah bless Andrew trying to keep Sweep a secret though lmao!

      Yeah that might be a problem. I'll bring Sky's halti up then and if you need it it's there :) Candy is fine, just tell her to heel and she will :)
    19. sequeena
      LMAO! She'll be fine she wears a harness anyway :) I'll pack the halti head collar as well if you want x

      Oh dear! Tell Ands mum that they'll be good!!
    20. danielled
      Hiya hows you.
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    Dec 17, 1984 (Age: 35)


    owned by:

    jake - chocolate labrador
    sydney - liver/white english springer
    twix - dlh cat
    lacey - dsh cat

    never forgetting my baby banjo running free at the bridge, RIP baby xx



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