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Aug 21, 2017
Jun 22, 2009
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Dec 17, 1984 (Age: 35)

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PetForums VIP, 35, from Swansea

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Aug 21, 2017
    1. Ducky
      aye a good long tracking line is the best, or even a horse line!!
    2. Ducky
      i was very scared to let skye offlead, but shes actually really good.
      its one of the problems about having a beagle. you just cant ever rely on them offlead. it only takes a split second and it can all go wrong. hasnt put me off the breed though, i'l be having more in the future, but am waiting til im in a better position to have one now i think. x
    3. Ducky
      thats ok everyone thinks shes a spaniel coz of her ears.

      bailey chased a fox onto the railway line and was hit by a train. was horrible, he was only a year and a half. worst day of my life. :(
    4. muse08
      hiya was just having a look at your pics their great
    5. Ducky
      they are really hard work, but they are also incredibly loving dogs. and the best looking :D

      skye is a flat coated retriever :)
    6. Ducky
      i have no idea what mousehunt even is haha. why do you ask?

      thanks, sadly he is no longer with us. killed before his time :( he was the most handsomest beagle ever though :)
    7. Akai-Chan
      Good to hear there's some improvement :D don't worry, she'll learn what she's supposed to do soon enough. Hopefully the praise will encourage her to go outside more in the future :)
    8. rachy86xx
      Muffin is most welcome :)
    9. Akai-Chan
      If she cries, the best way is to ignore her, then reward her when she is quiet, this way she learns that being quiet in the crate = good things :D And yeah a blanket over half of it is a very good idea because it makes it more denlike which they prefer :) Dogs won;t go in their bed unless they are REALLY desparate to go. Ludo went in his bed a couple of times, but now he's learned not to :)
    10. Akai-Chan
      Oh cool that's always a start :D My pup is 4 months old and with thehelp of a crate he's almost fully housetrained :D
    11. Akai-Chan
      Keep at it :) You'll manage, once she's broken the habit of going in the house it'll be plain sailing :p
    12. Akai-Chan
      Hows the toilet training going with muffin? :)
    13. SEVEN_PETS
      hey. thanks. he's a cocker spaniel. your dog is gorgeous.
    14. ~Tete
      Hi, i see your getting a springer! good luck, i have a springer girl myself
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    Dec 17, 1984 (Age: 35)


    owned by:

    jake - chocolate labrador
    sydney - liver/white english springer
    twix - dlh cat
    lacey - dsh cat

    never forgetting my baby banjo running free at the bridge, RIP baby xx



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