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May 24, 2011
Aug 17, 2008
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May 24, 2011
    1. Tapir
      thanks for the rep
    2. alaun
      Thanks for the rep xx
    3. simplysardonic
      Thanks for the rep :) xx
    4. Tje
      regards the woman with the 6 week old kittens... is it just me? Am I reading wrong... is she just feeding them kitten milk and no solids at all??? I can't quite understand her initial post. I go the impression they were only on RC milk.

      Sorry about disagreeing with you on the ease/difficulty using of pro-kolin , lol, at least we both agree it works!!! LOL.
    5. The Twins
      The Twins
      Thanks for the rep! Appreciate it.
    6. spid
      thanks for the rep - mucha ppreciated after typing all that!
    7. Dozymoo
      Thanks for the rep! Much appreciated :):):)
    8. Leah100
      I know exactly what you mean, I was devastated when we were told, I was so worried, and the vet was hardly reassuring, I know they have to be careful with what they say, but it did all sound very doom laden at the time. With Lucas, I am convinced that as he has grown some of the deformity has improved, he doesn't have that lame look any more at all. His breeder wasn't a lot of help, didn't want to know at all, and made me feel even worse by accusing me of over exercising him :( Thankfully I had a vet who had breeding experience and also a lot of orthopedic special interest and he basically said that the x rays convinced him that the problem was genetic, and not anything to do with his walks routine. It was such a relief to hear that. We kept to sensible on lead walks for a bit, but were soon going off lead on the flat, and now he can go off lead where ever he wants, and hardly ever shows any signs of discomfort. Hope Zach continues to do well with the jabs. :)
    9. Shazach
      Thanks Leah, it's reassuring to hear he's having such a full life despite the hip deformity. Zach's only 6mths and in my worse worryings I worry they're going to tell me he's going to be in pain for life and not enjoy life. he's much improved on the cartrophen, but I can still see hip symptoms, and without a diagnosis I worry. So hearing your story really helps.

      Sh x
    10. Shazach
      Hi Leah,

      Don't wish to crash Rona's thread, so posting here :) Do you mind me asking when your Dogs HD was diagnosed, how old was he and was it diagnosed by just Xrays?


      Sh x
    11. victorianbullylover08
      thanks for the rep hun :)
    12. clueless
      Thanks you for the Rep. I do not like these kind of places.
    13. deedeedee
      Hya thanks - have you got cats?
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