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Jan 21, 2012
Dec 14, 2009
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PetForums VIP, from Renfrewshire, Scotland

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Jan 21, 2012
    1. pamela Renfrew
      pamela Renfrew
      Hi..... just a little update on Anouk.... my new baby.... She is doing fantastically, considering both Ken and I have been floored for 3 days with the dreaded Norro Virus !!! She sleeps all night, peacefully, thank goodness as I havent had any energy to get up 2 or 3 times through the night !! Collects everything that moves and takes it to her bed which has become a little den for everything.... including my slippers at every opportunity!!.Loves to cuddle in on my Lap or shoulder or chest which I just love.... She is now chasing after Conoch (GSD) everywhere but knows to stand back from Kai (Malamute).... who is just loving evey time he walks by her bed he pinches one of the chews !!! he has managed to digest 2 Nylobones !!!! Hopefully the training will start soon when I get my strength back.... Hows everything with you ?? x
    2. pamela Renfrew
      pamela Renfrew
      Hey Laura... How are things with you ?? How is hubby coping with his recent loss ?? Before I forget this is Michelles Number for Barkin Buddies Dog Walking :- 07791319878..... Have spoken to her last week and she has space for Mac when you require.... Good news I am getting a new pup, not too sure if you know or not..... Carebear.... a member on here had 3 Klee Kai pups and I managed to get a hold of one.... My first ever little dog... my first ever Bitch.... So excited, she is only 5 weeks old so Ken and I are travelling down to South Wales at the end of the month to collect her.....Are you going to Paws in the Park at Roukenglen Park on Saturday ? Pamx
    3. Tanya1989
      Yeah, I'm in N. Derbyshire
    4. Tanya1989
      I'm ok thanks. Have fallen out with my neurologist as they are taking up so much time, so I've been referred to the top man in the country, who unfortunately is in London and only takes on private patients, so saving up the dollar. In good spirits though.

      Thanks for asking xx
    5. Fyfer
      Keep an eye on it for infection. Nunuk kept wanting to drag his rear end for a couple of days, which I really discouraged, lest he get it infected.

      Also, as for exercise, the first day he'll still be kind of dopey and grumpy from the sedative. Nunuk actually whined a bit, which he has never done. He also accepted and didn't destroy a soft toy.

      He'll know something isn't quite right, so give him lots of time and attention and positivity.

      Let me know if you have any questions!
    6. Fyfer
      He seemed absolutely fine after a week. The vet said to keep him quiet for a second week, but really I ignored that! I did forget about swimming, and he went swimming 2 weeks after it. He got a bit swollen and I was worried for a day, but it resolved itself.
      Also, the vet let me stay while the did an initial injection of a sedative, designed to get him sleepy. I stayed with him for about 20 minutes for it to take effect. I don't know how much difference it made to HIM, but it made ME feel a lot less guilty about leaving him, since he wasn't so stressed. The other thing I'd do in reetrospect is to get a DAP collar for him.

      A couple other things -- my vet did 'internal' stiches, so they didn't have to be removed. I don't quite understand it, but it healed up great.
    7. Fyfer
      (Doing this in a few posts because it won't let me post anything long!)
      I watched him like a hawk and if he started, I'd just interrupt him and he wasn't bothered about it. It got itchy after 3 days or so, and I put an old t-shirt over him. But really it took being with him all the time, listening for his chewing at himself. Then interrupting him. This way, he got through it without a collar. As for exercise, it's so tough. I can't remember what I did exactly, but tried to do quiet stuff. He was off the lead, I just kept him from running for the first couple of days. We did a lot of hide & hunt in the house. It'd be a great time to introduce scent work. After 2 or 3 days, he did the racing puppy routine, and there was no stopping him. So I let him do some galloping (hunting a hidden ball outside) after 4 or 5 days, so he was not getting up much speed and NO JUMPS.
    8. Fyfer
      Hi, there -- Oh, this pink background is tough on my eyes so apologies for any typos -- I won't be watching very closely. Nunuk got through it great. First two days, he really didn't lick at it.
    9. pamela Renfrew
      pamela Renfrew
      Hey hun..... Yup I did see it.... so cute....... But I really want a darker one to be truthful........Thanks anyway...... Had a cool day on the beach today today with my dogs and horsey........ Pamx
    10. leashedForLife
      an article *cynthia AKA c-j anderson wrote on Helium -
      Victoria Stilwell or Cesar Millan: Who would you call? - by Cj Anderson - Helium

      there's a poll - VOTE! :thumbup: please... :)
    11. katiefranke
      thank you for the rep ;)
    12. pamela Renfrew
      pamela Renfrew
      When I said check my diary.... that was for social things...... the dog walking is pretty full and keeps us busy.....ok I am off to bed now.... Maybe make it for Monday or Tuesday then.... speak tomorrow... night night... Pamx
    13. pamela Renfrew
      pamela Renfrew
      Just checked my diary....... empty all week....... so busy.... not..... so any night or late afternoon whatever suits apart from a wednesday, I am going to start a Zumba class.......
    14. pamela Renfrew
      pamela Renfrew
      LOL... Him and Conoch would be fine with the rabbits........ we would just have to go back for the dogs the next day after they had calmed down !!!!!!!!!
    15. pamela Renfrew
      pamela Renfrew
      What about Eglinton Park in Ayrshire...... It is fantastic with lots of spesho little bunnies to chase.....
    16. pamela Renfrew
      pamela Renfrew
      Hey Hon...... Yup I am up for that.... sure.... why not.... and if we end up the only two there then fine.... who cares..... I usually walk dogs until 12noon as I have split the dogs with a guy who works for me...... so, any afternoon or weekends suit...... Are you going to the doggy fun day in dunlop on sunday ???? Not too sure what it will be like but it is very close to me so I will be going..... If you want a lift I could easy pop over and meet you in johnston......are you near howwood or better still Bowfield would be perfect to meet.... but if you cant get up there then i will come and meet you somewhere.....Let me know....
    17. simplysardonic
      I find the more you talk on here the more rep you get :D well, unless you're a troll of course! xx
    18. Britters2010
      hi Laura,

      Thanks for getting in touch Laura, nice to meet you. Mac is gorgeous, aren't these dogs great!

      Do let Mac off the lead on your walks? It's too early for Scalli and we have the car chasing problem to solve, which we're organising a private trainer for, we have tried everything, nothing is working. So letting Scalli off the lead is out of the question at the moment, she only has to hear a car engine and she's ready to attack.

      I love your profile, I'm off to buff mine out :)

      Hear from you soon,
    19. katiefranke
      Yes!! Thought so! Thats Rosmarinus Silver Lustre :D Gorgeous dog - his sire is maggie's grandsire...
    20. katiefranke
      oh yes - i think foggy is possibly a rosmarinus too like maggie - i swear i have seen him before, looks very familiar...will have to go off and have a look now to see properly who the dog is or gonna bug me! :D
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    I live in Scotland with my husband Dave and our Border Collie Mac (born 24th September 2009). I have a stepson Darren who is 9. He has Aspergers.




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