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Jan 15, 2014
Nov 20, 2013
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Jan 15, 2014
    1. Lauradyck
      Thank you Helen, I really appreciate you replying. I am hoping for a good outcome for my baby.. :(
      I'm very sorry about your loss.. I know how devastating it is to lose a family member and best friend :(
    2. Freyja
      Hi I was put in touch with someone who trained racing greyhounds and they advised me to massage William's leg as often as I could for 10 minutes but not only his bad leg but to also roll him over and massage his good leg too and also along his saddle area just behind his shoulder blades and going up to his spine. The other thing we had a couple of whippet puppies at the same time and because he would hop round with his leg dangling they used to nip his paw and I'm sure that encouraged him to put his paw back on the floor. At the moment my mind is a bit blank as I've just got back from the vets after loosing one of my whippets tonight but if I think of anything else we did I will let you know. One thing we didn't do but our vet suggested was to take him swimming. I will say though our vet did say although he had seen other dogs with it he had never seen one recover as William did and he became known at the vets as William the wonder dog.

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