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Oct 29, 2014
Nov 19, 2013
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Oct 29, 2014
    1. Cat Lovers
      Cat Lovers
      Hi Laura,

      how are you?

      Can you help me cats grow?
      Please Click
      I would love you for this!

      Cats Lovers
    2. MontyMaude
      Hello, just thought I would stop by and ask how you are getting on now with Logan.
    3. curlywurlydee
      Just Saw Logans photos in your Album, he is so gorgeous!!!
    4. curlywurlydee
      Hi Laura, im so sorry im replying late to your question, i totally missed your visitor message!! Anyway its best to phone the breeders, as that is their preferred method of contact, that way you can have a good chat and ask lots of questions etc.
    5. Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Owned By A Yellow Lab
      I am a Flatcoat fan :) Dexter's girlfriend is one and I look after her twice every summer, she is such a character!

      In terms of Labs: fairly similar to Goldens in many ways. They can be extremely boisterous when younger though, and also people don't realise how strong they are. Thus you find a LOT of young Labs in rescue. They are fab though, but as with Goldens, there are a great many people breeding them without doing the vital tests. Labs who are being bred from *must* be hip scored and test clear for PRA, a congenital eye disease. There are a few other things too but those two are vital. They are really lively, kindly dogs and I adore them. If your brother is planning on getting one, remind him that they are not as placid and calm as people often assume :)
    6. Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Owned By A Yellow Lab
      By the way - for anything to do with Labs, SLEEPING LION is wonderful - and she's super helpful. Are you on facebook? If yes I can ask her to add you as a contact if you like? SLEEPING LION has three Labs herself and she also bred from one of her girls; she's a truly ethical breeder and I'm sure she'd be happy to offer any info or advice if, in the future, you do decide to get a Lab. And of course you're very welcome to message me too - we have three Labs here :) x
    7. Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Many thanks - I think he's handsome too but then I'm biased lol x
    8. Kchip
      Safety in number, we are not alone!! Lots of people on here that are very understanding. I think I even wrote in one post that I wanted to take Gracie back to the breeder, and no one slated me (to my face)! Bloody hard this puppy lark. I'm not an experienced dog owner, but I'm an experienced stress head, so can advise on that side of things! Your pup is so so gorgeous, butter wouldn't melt! I posted a recent pic of Gracie on a thread called puppy on a log a few days ago. Can't work out how to attach it here!
    9. Aurelie
      Betsy is our first dog, I hadn't realised how much I would love having a dog until we got her - she is a lot of fun! Have you had dogs before? You are welcome to have a rummage through my albums on here for a look if you like :-).
    10. Aurelie
      How exciting! We got Betsy about a month ago so the cats were here first although Bruno is still a kitten at seven months. I made sure Betsy was crated for their first couple of intros but the home she came from had cats so she wasn't too bothered. Nancy made it clear from the outset that she was in charge and Betsy leaves her well alone.

      The only problem we have had is that Bruno loves Betsy and they play chase, this is fine but I don't want it to get out of hand and have been recalling and distracting her if I think the game is getting a bit rough - only to have Bruno run after her to continue the game! I think they will be fine but it did worry me at first :)

      Good luck with your new puppy - I hope you are going to post lots of photos! :D
    11. Thorne
      Hi, thank you for the compliment! Scooter (black) came from a Mr and Mrs Denny near Wickham Market in Suffolk, but that was nearly 12yrs ago and I have no idea if they're still breeding. I rehomed Breeze from a puppy farm and don't know anything about her breeder. Sorry that I can't be of much help, if you're interested in Labs the best people on here to ask would be SleepingLion, Kinjilabs, and Swarthy :)
    12. colliemerles
      actually he doesn't moult to bad, my other maine coon Smudge who is a black smoke and white moults much more and has very fluffy fur that needs much more brushing than the other 3 maine coons.put a couple of pictures of my lot on the thread
    13. colliemerles
      thank you, yes polar-bear is rather stunning, even if i do say so myself lol, as for pictures, i will se what i can do xx
    14. curlywurlydee
      forgot to say, we pick up Herbie on the 18th March, which is Dracos 1st Birthday!
    15. oliviarussian
      Mika is pretty bomb proof to be quite honest, nothing much fazes him.... In fact Rosso has turned out to be the most skittish, he's such a baby, terrified of the hoover, black bin bags, wary of strangers... Such a mummy's boy!
    16. curlywurlydee
      Im sure the new pup will get along with your other two just fine. You will find them one day, all snuggled up together!
      I love the name Logan, great choice.
      Where did you get your Tonks from? they are still quite rare, not many people have heard of the breed. What made you go for Tonks?
    17. curlywurlydee
      You must be getting excited for your new pup to be coming home soon! is it boy or girl and have you got a name yet?

      As for Cats, i could easily get carried away and end up with 10 to lol The maine coons are striking looking, i love their pointy ears, what is their character like?
    18. curlywurlydee
      I could quite easily have 5, i would love another Tonk and would really love to own a Burmese, and just lately ive been looking at pics of Savannah cats!! Cats are to addictive! i will have to get rid of a couple of my kids first then replace them with fur babies lol!

      What kind of dog are you getting? and are both your cats Tonks?
    19. curlywurlydee
      Are you still looking to get another kitten? what colour are you after?
    20. curlywurlydee
      Well they think one of the kittens may be a Blue Point and they have someone waiting on him being a blue point and i think someone is also interested in the seal point. There is another queen due to give birth sometime next week, who will probably have a mixed litter of Siamese and orientals.
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