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Jul 4, 2012
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    1. Frenchie79
      Hi, Just a quick question! someone has pointed me in your direction after asking about a harness for my frenchie. What type of harness do you use? Pros and Cons?

      Thanks :)
    2. Karly82
      Thank you for letting me know yesterday! I've placed my order for Doug :o)
    3. Karly82
      Hi! Just a quick question? Is your site still up and running? I've been trying to access it for a few hours and I get a message saying it's unavailable? Hope so as Doug loves the rawhide and sweet potato chews you stock and I can't find them anywhere else! xx
    4. SixStar
      I just meant if you wanted to get some for your boys, not to necessarily stock :o
    5. SixStar
      Hi - you might remember me asking about whether you'd be able to stock rawhide wrapped pizzle, and I think you said it would be something Rufus would enjoy too. Just to let know that I did manage to find some in the end - Zooplus do rawhide bones with a pizzle filling, Trixie branded - if you still wanted to try them with your boys :)
    6. Dogless
      Just to let you know that my delivery has turned up at hubby's work xx
    7. AmberNero
      wheeEEEeeeEEEEE <DRIVE-BY-HUG> (((((((hug))))))) :D xxxxxx *vroom!*
    8. Cockerpoo lover
      Cockerpoo lover
      Had a few of the dogs you make appearing on my clubs facebook page..our members who have had them done have been delighted :-) ( Cockapoo Owners Club UK - Intro)
    9. Beth17
      Thanks for the rep. Sorry have only just checked!
    10. BadgerMyLove
      Hi and wanted to thank you for your contribution to my thread this weekend about my worries about buying a puppy from a particular breeder. I'm really grateful to everyone who responded and helped me through a tricky situation. x
    11. Malmum
      Thanks for the rep, best to be aware eh? ;-)
    12. Born2BWild
      Thank you for the rep, you are very welcome :) xx
    13. New Puppy Mum
      New Puppy Mum
      Thank for the rep x
    14. hawksport
      Sorry I didn't get to training last week. If you are still looking for a mini shnauzer a half brother to this dog is available. He is all black and was born last Tuesday


    15. Big bully
      Big bully
      They are fab!!!! I made him open then!! Would you be able to do two more exactly the Same? Mum- in- law would love them for crimbo! X
    16. Big bully
      Big bully
      Hi! Just to say they have arrived! Can't comment yet as he refuses to open till his birthday!!:)
    17. Jemimac
      I cant seem to pm yet :/ so drop me an email jemimacox@live.com x
    18. codyann
      hey, I have just added you as a friend because I would like to get a Shi Tzu sculpture for my mum, but possibly 2 and I know if I dont add you I will loose you on this forum and never find you again lol. hope thats ok :-)
    19. Hiafa123
      oh your dogs sculptures are fab.....your very talented...I feel an order will be coming your way soon.
    20. Mad4Muttz
      hello- how much wopuld it be to get a puppy bichon lahlah dog to buy and a adult bichon
      thanks- do you need pics
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