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Oct 28, 2011
Feb 24, 2008
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PetForums VIP, from Because i havent met you yet...............

Ladywiccana was last seen:
Oct 28, 2011
    1. jaxx
      I'm really sad that someone has uspet you and I hope you don't go as you're a very valued and much respected member of the forum and I for one will miss you and your posts. I wish you the very best health and luck for the future. Don't forget, what goes around comes around. Please reconsider. Health wealth and happiness to you. Jaxx xx Blessed Be.
    2. Indie
      please don't leave xxxxxxx
      Sending you a supersized Jonny Depp Hug xxxx Sorry someone has made you feel pants xxx
    4. danielled
      I'm a mod on another forum somebody I know has set up. I know what you mean I could be better too.
    5. danielled
      So hows you anyway.
    6. danielled
      Thank you for the rep. I am online just gone invisible that's all haha.
    7. rottiesloveragdolls
      ooohh no modship anymore!!!!!!!!!!! thats 3 in the same week thats gone?????
    8. thedogsmother
      Sciatiaca yowch that is not nice, hope you feel better soon hun xx
    9. thedogsmother
      We are about the same here, there is supposed to be more coming this week, if you dont want yours send it to me I still love snow. I wouldnt want to take a new car out in this anyway I would be too scared in case I bumped it if I skidded or someone skidded into it when its parked, and all the snow would ruin that lovely new car paintwork (can you tell Im trying to make it feel better lol).
    10. thedogsmother
      Did you manage to get your car? i forgot to ask.
    11. Baby Bordie
      Baby Bordie
      Oh wise Snow Witch, will there be snowfall in swansea tonight? :D Long time no speak! How are you? :)
    12. thedogsmother
      Will do thanks,I love snow pics so I will take loads.
    13. thedogsmother
      Tis meant to be snowing all day here and its been snowing hard since 8ish this morning, the kids are off so were going to make a snowman soon.
    14. thedogsmother
      That will teach you to wish for snow for so long lol, will you be able to collect the car?
    15. thedogsmother
      Can you belive we werent officially friends before? I had always assumed we were.
    16. Ladywiccana
      lmao who knows hun hehe, hehe i dont know why ive not had one b4 on motoblity ive been on dla for years oh well hehe all good things come to those who w8
    17. thedogsmother
      Oooh sounds nice, are you going to pretend to be all posh with your new car cos thats the best bit. When I got my car it was the first new car Id ever had and when he showed it to us I said Oh wow its got that new car smell, I still cant belive I said that, everyone laughed at me, what did I expect it to smell of.
    18. thedogsmother
      What car did you go for? I like the look of the Nissan Qash Qai, or might just go for another c4 picasso in September when we are due to renew (thankyou Mr Motability lol), they are both no deposit now so thats all good.
    19. thedogsmother
      Happy New year to you and yours as well, just checked out the weather forcast and I might be snowed in as well, supposed to be heavy snow from early morning, I dont know if Im fed up cos the kids will have to stay at home or if Im excited cos its SNOW SNOW SNOW yay.
    20. WhiteKatLuva
      Haha, the colots are bright.

      Awww [hugs] thats horribly sad! Im so sorry
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    Anything to do with animals, mainly Dogs and Horses though! Photography, Computers & Gaming! Johnny Depp hehe!


    I have a very nice crown, its big and it has a gheco on it, have i got it on murray??
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