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Jul 6, 2013
Nov 4, 2012
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Jul 6, 2013
    1. Ladysky
      Thank you for your kind words. I know you understand. Good idea re the box l will start today. My daughter made me a photo album of Ladys life -so beautiful just breaks my heart to look at it. A woman at our stable yard has recently got a Patterdale (same as Lady) puppy called Poppy - she comes running over and looking into her face and watching the same mannerisms is both heartbreaking and comforting.y My daughter smiled as poppy stood beside me and said ' what an amazing sight - it seemed Lady had come back' maybe she has? I hope you are well and your lovely dogs.
      Love Valerie xx
    2. Gertrude
      Oh sweetheart I am so very sorry, I know your heart is breaking, and it feels like your world has ended, We love them so much dont we?

      I'm sure she's having fun at 'The Bridge' with my doggies, they will look out for her I know that xxx
      It's very early days, but what I will suggest is that you collect as many lovely photos of Lady as you can and make a memory box, Put all-sorts of things in there, and when you're ready you will look thru it hundreds of times... and each time you do you will start to laugh more and more at all the funny things she got up to.

      I am now, and will be, thinking of you at all times xx
      Take care and cry bucket loads, ...It will help you I promise xxx
      Lotsa luv to you xxxxxxxxxxx
      Julie [Gertrude] xxxxxxxxx
    3. Angie2011
      Your welcome hun, it so heart braking when our baby's become old or their health starts to fade! :( hugs x
    4. Gertrude
      Awww thank you xxx

      Glad Lady is having a good day today, I hope she has more xxx

      Sending you both some (((hugs))) ((())) ((())) xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    5. Knightofalbion
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      Good luck.
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