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Mar 25, 2013
Nov 18, 2010
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Back of Beyond, reinventing myself...
Official Doorman to HRH

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PetForums VIP, from Back of Beyond, reinventing myself...

Kiwi was last seen:
Mar 25, 2013
    1. LisaC1985
      Hello Kiwi, thank you for your message. Did I mention I had been abroad? I'm lucky to have enjoyed lots of holidays but I've always lived in the UK. I'm hoping from now on I can write only positive things about my boy, I really hope he is on the mend for now x
    2. buffie
      :lol:If your not a bit mad round here you wont survive long:hand:You must have noticed a lot of "gaps" in the familiar faces line up :(.Its not the place it used to be ,sadly.Not sure whether it is not what it used to be because the familiar faces are missing ,or if it is because the familiar faces are missing its not what it used to be.:rolleyes:As for "spotty and dotty"well we are well matched, both a bit :crazy: ;)
    3. Malmum
      Thanks for the rep, only just found it at this hour, lol!
    4. theevos5
      Thanks for the rep it was such a surprise lol
    5. LisaZonda
      Hi! :)
      Thank for your message....yes they are adorable when they're asleep, full of trouble and mischief when they're awake though :p
    6. katie200
      helloo how are you and your pets hehehehe yeah deffo a night person me im okay pets are all good and hyperly insane hehehe hope you have a lovely tuesday :)
    7. fuzzymum
      Thankyou very much. I just feel like it is my fault that she is itchy again :( I considered cutting back even further with my food, then realised i might waste away lol. I am looking into this raw business. Thanks again, life is pretty poor sometimes! xx
    8. buffie
      Hi Kiwi.Sorry to hear about your job :( Have you got anything lined up yet,or are you still looking,not an easy time for anyone at the moment on the jobs front.
      Aurelia has been away since before Christmas ,she has had some health problems ect,not sure what the state of play is at the mo.GreyHare has left she and a few others dougal22,Gloworm*Mushroom Taylorbaby became a bit sick of the way it was headed, even hobbs for a while though she is back again as you will have noticed ;)Hope you stick around even when you get sorted with a job :D
    9. lymorelynn
      Hi there! Nice to see you around again :)
    10. Bubba'smom
      Long time no here Kiwi! hope your ok, I'm doing alright, let me know how everyone is.xx
    11. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Happy new Year :D x
    12. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Ello :D I was just thinking about you tother day :blink: oooooooooooooooa poopy :D the joys :lol: xxx
    13. Cyberfyn
      Hi. Sorry only just seen this post! I really need to post more pics, but unfortunately don't have many more of Sam as he was in his prime before the digital age, so what pics I do have are all in photo albums somewhere. All these 'can I let my cat out' threads make me laugh. I'm sure I'll be getting a visit from the cat police for letting pedigree cats out someday :-)

      Take Care.
    14. Eroswoof
      Hey just seeing if you're okay? Haven't seen you around for a while

    15. DaisytheTT
      Hey hun

      Haven't seen you around for a while, hope everything is ok?
    16. Gem16
      Hello hun,
      you have been quiet lately, hope your well x
    17. westie~ma
      Just passing by, hope the new job is ok.

      Sending hugs xxxx

      Miss you xx
    18. Eroswoof
      Hi hen, not seen you about for a little while

      All okay?

    19. noushka05
      thanks for the pic comment Kiwi:) x
    20. jetsmum
      Excuse me, you might be the prefect, but as head girl I well outrank you you-- so there. Besides I've got premission from myself to be up this late, nernernernernerner.

      I'd better get off too in a bit, jet's dropping big hints that its bed time. like sticking his head on the keyboard.
      I give in,I'm off
      Night, sweet dreams.
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    Back of Beyond, reinventing myself...
    Official Doorman to HRH
    Hello all! We moved to East Sussex from in May 2009 and were adopted by our cat Sweetie in August the same year. She was 15 months old and very poorly but now she is brimming with health and has us well trained! In Nov 2011, we acquired a black Lab called Boo, who is lovely (and naughty!). Sweetie is less than impressed at Boo's lack of catadulation but is slowly reigning Boo in...

    Thus, my role is now 'Official Tin-Opener and Royal Bodyguard...& occasional Dog-chew'... :/

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