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Mar 25, 2013
Nov 18, 2010
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Back of Beyond, reinventing myself...
Official Doorman to HRH

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PetForums VIP, from Back of Beyond, reinventing myself...

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Mar 25, 2013
    1. Taylorbaby
      thats ok, I dont remember what it was for lol :)
    2. MoggyBaby
      Ermmmm not sure what you mean..... :confused:

      Sorry... :(
    3. buffie
      Thanks ,I'll keep you posted.:)
    4. buffie
      Hi Kiwi,Thanks he's back to his normal eating pattern but is still being sick every 2/3 days.I dont know what to think anymore :confused:He seems absolutely fine,bright/playing/running around just as he has always done.If he was an outdoor cat there is a good chance ,if he was sick outside I would be none the wiser :rolleyes:He's got an appointment for a check on Tuesday so will see what the vet thinks.Thats 2 different vets at the same practice who have checked him over and cant find anything wrong on physical exam,may have to go down the blood test/xray route,thank god for insurance :)
    5. leashedForLife
      i'm glad U enjoy the 'quotes' thread! :001_smile:
      if U have any fave quotes, please feel free to add them - sharing is always welcome.

      i'm not sure why nonnie & GrandPoop gave me such a hard time; i thought
      it was an innocent project, when i began it. There are so many good, thoughtful,
      touching or funny quotes about dogs.
    6. Ianthi
      Thanks for the rep.....only just noticed it now!
    7. toryb
      Oh and I meant to add that the reason that I chose to try raw is that our lurcher pup has a really sensitive tummy, loose poops and wind on kibble and rather than work my way through the list of expensive kibble i thought i would give raw a go first and so far so good! :)
    8. toryb
      Hya :) To be honist I have done most research on here and have been thinking about it for a long time (with previous dogs too) and so I just decided to take the plunge...the people on here are great and have given me so much advice! I think rather than try to understand everything in one go I have broken it down and am going in stages..for now im only feeding her chicken and tripe and as soon as her tummy settles on there then I will try something else (lamb etc)... Rather than look at it and get overwhelmed learn as you go instead..it makes it much less scary!! :) Good luck xxx
    9. vickieb
      Ooooo thanks for the rep :D
    10. Julesky
      Morning! Thanks for the welcome.. yeah, seems like plenty of advice to be had and generally interesting reads. Looking forward to reading and posting more ;)
    11. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Thanks :) xxx
    12. Julesky
      HI Kiwi! Thanks so much- totally new to all of this :). Nice to be around so many animal lovers-first time dog owner, adopted a staff cross from rescue- he's a work in progress, but we'll get there! Happy to be told off for any goofs i make as a newbie :)
      All the best! x
    13. cheekyscrip
      hi..old gib is good, new government just started...Hostital Ramp and areas willhave some revampment hopefully..we have new hospital on on the westside ;)..Nffield pool still MoD only..so you must have been army kid then?..congrats on new pup..i willgo to see if you have her in albums..;0...and it is quite cold here..fell to 3C.whichis fun with no heating ! Many new parks for kids etc..and new houses for the rich...and the area round the lighthouse is having a facelift! ;)...
    14. hobbs2004
      Hey look who flapped on to my wall! The flapper! Hope you are well hun!
    15. Izzie
      Thanks for the rep x :)
    16. cheekyscrip
      thanks for the rep...and i amglad you are back..how are you ? x
    17. poohdog
      Don't post much...not able to comment on 'My first bra' and 'Should I let my boyfriend do it?'
      Gets more like St Trinians every day...
    18. LisaC1985
      Hi Kiwi, I can't seem to private message you.
      The website for the vet we're now going to is Horsebridge Veterinary Practice - Home x
    19. Dogless
      Thanks for the rep, very kind.
    20. comfortcreature
      I have one girl with two puncture wounds in her hip from 10 days ago, but we have been lucky that puncture wounds and some blood and bruising has been the extent of what we've had to deal with.

      My one boy was almost killed 6 months ago, and on top of it that was by my friend's son-in-law's dog. He was grabbed by the side of the face and neck and shoulder and screamed for the full 5 minutes it took us to loose the other dog from him. Thank goodness there were three people right there (both dogs were on lead).

      You become very wary. Thanks for the well wishes.

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    Back of Beyond, reinventing myself...
    Official Doorman to HRH
    Hello all! We moved to East Sussex from in May 2009 and were adopted by our cat Sweetie in August the same year. She was 15 months old and very poorly but now she is brimming with health and has us well trained! In Nov 2011, we acquired a black Lab called Boo, who is lovely (and naughty!). Sweetie is less than impressed at Boo's lack of catadulation but is slowly reigning Boo in...

    Thus, my role is now 'Official Tin-Opener and Royal Bodyguard...& occasional Dog-chew'... :/

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