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Mar 25, 2013
Nov 18, 2010
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Back of Beyond, reinventing myself...
Official Doorman to HRH

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PetForums VIP, from Back of Beyond, reinventing myself...

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Mar 25, 2013
    1. Dober
      Thank you :)
    2. Izzysmummy
      Just been looking at your photos! Boo is gorgeous! How old is she now?
      Izzy is a year old now, I cant believe it, time has flown. Im not great on a computer but I'll try put some photos on my profile of Izzy for you in the next couple of days!
    3. Dogless
      Thanks for the rep!
    4. Jugsmalone
      Thank you for the rep :)
    5. westie~ma
      The cottage is done (finished in 2006) I'm now finishing off the ugly house, painting doors and door frames ready for carpenter to hang the doors. Building control coming soon to sign everything off and the we can rent it out whoooo hoooo taken me over a year lol

      How r u? Long time no speak xxx
    6. suzy93074
      aww lol you welcome for becoming greener :) xxx
    7. kathryn43
      well same here i dont want her doin shootin and stuf she does do find games and we throw the ball which she would fetch all day long
    8. kathryn43
      well yes thats all she uses it as we had a dog trainer for lola when she was about 2 yrs old as she has gundog traites in her and she was very hyper still is a bit and he told us what to do and he was briliant x
    9. kathryn43
      well thats what she does she just gets on with life and does what she can she doesnt mopes around, i was lookin at your pics of your dog she looks lovely i wish i had all the land i just have a small garden lol
    10. kathryn43
      lola has been to the beach she did enjoy it but the tide was out if it was in then we wouldnt have got her out the water my daughter is called becky x
    11. kathryn43
      yes it is a pity i bet lola would have loved it how are you anyway?
    12. CAstbury
      Oops! Not logged on here in a long time - got fed up of all the arguments. How are you doing? x
    13. buffie
      Thanks for the rep :)
    14. Fleur
      Thank you for my Birthday message
    15. Goblin
      Thanks for the rep. I know I don't mind using Benny as an example of how a blind dog can have a quality of life. Although I have no figures I think sight loss is not that uncommon and would be very scary for some. I also cannot imagine a dog such as Benny having to spend all his life in a rescue.
    16. Galadriel17
      Thanks for the rep :) glad you found it helpful :)
    17. AngelEyes92
      TY for the rep. It's nice to know I'm doing the right thing! xx
    18. cravensmum
      I have only had the harnesses a few weeks,they are sturdy,although Craven nearly backed out of his today.They do fit nice and don't seem to rub the dogs anywhere,but to be honest I have not found any other advantage with them over any other harness that I have tried.
    19. My lil Babies
      My lil Babies
      Thank you for the rep. When I first started the thread I never realised I would have so many people that care. I also didn't think I would be writing everything down as I go along but I am glad I have done so as it might make others act a bit more quickly if they notice they have a lump. I left it several months before doing anything and because of that they can't remove it easily and having to go through so much.
    20. Taylorbaby
      oh lol my memorys shocking so I dont remember what was written, but it must have been good I always forget to green these days, always end up 'liking' lol :)
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    Back of Beyond, reinventing myself...
    Official Doorman to HRH
    Hello all! We moved to East Sussex from in May 2009 and were adopted by our cat Sweetie in August the same year. She was 15 months old and very poorly but now she is brimming with health and has us well trained! In Nov 2011, we acquired a black Lab called Boo, who is lovely (and naughty!). Sweetie is less than impressed at Boo's lack of catadulation but is slowly reigning Boo in...

    Thus, my role is now 'Official Tin-Opener and Royal Bodyguard...& occasional Dog-chew'... :/

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