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Mar 25, 2013
Nov 18, 2010
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Back of Beyond, reinventing myself...
Official Doorman to HRH

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PetForums VIP, from Back of Beyond, reinventing myself...

Kiwi was last seen:
Mar 25, 2013
    1. househens
      Broke my dongle, been off for almost a fortnight. Still thinking of you.
    2. househens
      Still hanging around, kicking tyres... XXL hugs
    3. katie200
      Hi how have you been, I hope you are alright and your dogs are taking good care of you......Hugs
    4. househens
      Still thinking of you. Trying to wish you flame thrower cancer fighting blood cells... Hugs
    5. househens
      Just to let you know, still here and thinking of you.
    6. househens
      Calling in to say hello. Do you have other interests? WW2 bomber command, etc? I have found a little cluster of pilots with black labs! Wondered if you were happy to hear. Guy Gibson, of course, Johnnie Johnson, and another pilot had a black bitch, named Sally and there's another... Oh! See if you can google Sqdn Ldr B... loody memory, and his spaniel MICHAEL, how close Michael came to trouble, saved by the brand new bride. Have to go and hunt it down. sorry. Hope you are feeling strong internally, wishing those cells into their own personal burning hell. Do you have much garden? Tho I don't think I could send you seeds, etc Anyway, big hugs.
    7. Phoolf
      No problem kiwi, we all benefit from seeing your lovely dog! :D
    8. househens
      Found another nice thread for you, but don't know the page no ECCENTRIC BRITAIN started by Fleur, last entry 7/6/ 12
    9. vickieb
      no problem, I couldnt put why as my iPhone wouldnt let me :)
    10. katie200
      Awww, bless well that good he sounds a real cutie.

      Jessie loves Smokey the cat, but she has a fear of puddles, she go bonker if she her to go near one. :lol:

      She is a funny labradore at times.
    11. katie200
      Awww, bless yes it has rained and rained today, we had thunder and lighting too, Jessie did not like it. :)

      Do your dog like rain or are they like im not going out there? :lol:
    12. katie200
      OF course you deserve a rep Hun, I hope you feel better soon, and we need you back on here watching overall us insane animal people. :)

      I am good Hun, pets are as insane a a box of frogs too. :lol:

      How are you and your pets today?
    13. CatzEyes
      Lol u talking about my signature, thanks
    14. Bisbow
      Thank you, hope you and yours are all well and happy, many woofs back.
      Also, hope you get this as I am still learning how to use it
    15. househens
      Ryanair entry is pge 12? of gen chat 5 RULES TO REMEMBER by skip, pge 6 of gen chat

      Book Suggestions by grumpy goby pge 6, if of interest. Thursday chuckles sounds promising, but I can't find it or remember it. I'm off now, tho.
    16. househens
      I'm computer illiterate,and not sure how this thing works. Don't do facebook. If you are a bit bedridden, I'll see if I can find some giggles. Are you up to reading? I've befriended you, by clicking but not really up on what it means. I'm keeping in touch with LinznMilly, who is having a TERRIBLE time with eczema, so she will be able to empathise with health misery. If only chums could volunteer, to take a day, every so often, so people could just get things done, or have one day not miserable...
    17. househens
      If you want some smiles, find entries HELPING started by McKenzie, who also did A SMILEY THREAD. SO WE FINALLY BIT THE BULLET by Nospinnaker, beautifully written and RYANAIR EAT YOUR HEART OUT. Also the threads for Nelson and Bumble the cats. Can't remember the 1st one, but a lovely lady rescued a black one eyed cat,(Nelson), and if you can read them in order, they are lovely. Those in the Nelson and Bumble Club now reference PANTALOON ACTION with smirks. Keep strong, and on bad days, remember those little mongrels are feeling as bad or worse... Big Hugs...
    18. Paotka
      Zula is over the rainbow now.. :(
      My husband didnt want cats at all..
      Now we have three..
    19. Bisbow
      Only just found out how to do this, hope it is right. Thank you for the friendship post, I also hope that is right.
    20. Treaclesmum
      Aw thanks! They are gorgeous! So alike and yet so different too!! :) X
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    Back of Beyond, reinventing myself...
    Official Doorman to HRH
    Hello all! We moved to East Sussex from in May 2009 and were adopted by our cat Sweetie in August the same year. She was 15 months old and very poorly but now she is brimming with health and has us well trained! In Nov 2011, we acquired a black Lab called Boo, who is lovely (and naughty!). Sweetie is less than impressed at Boo's lack of catadulation but is slowly reigning Boo in...

    Thus, my role is now 'Official Tin-Opener and Royal Bodyguard...& occasional Dog-chew'... :/

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