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Mar 25, 2013
Nov 18, 2010
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Back of Beyond, reinventing myself...
Official Doorman to HRH

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PetForums VIP, from Back of Beyond, reinventing myself...

Kiwi was last seen:
Mar 25, 2013
    1. Taylorbaby
      oh nooo i remember now haha!! :D :D
    2. Taylorbaby
      im very confused now! if you look it says the thread that it was on and click on that it goes to the actual post that was repped!
    3. Taylorbaby
      lol thats ok cant rem what its for but well desvered lol :D
    4. CAstbury
      Thanks for rep - I was able to help so I offered :-) But not needed anyway - all the hard work was done by PoisonGirl xx
    5. PoisonGirl
      thank you for the rep xx
    6. katie200
      awww thanks there are little humbugs really lol but your cat is such a cutie
    7. katie200
      awwww your cats photos are lovely
    8. noushka05
      ello Kiwi:) thats okay with me... i do get a bit passionate im afraid, but no hard feelings hey:p x
    9. Stephen&Dogs
      Thanks for the rep. Only i removed that little vid to make room for my other siggie pics
    10. Aurelia
      Aww sorry to hear you've been unwell :( I hope you're feeling 100% soon (((hugs))). Unfortunately you have missed a lot of trolling threads, but it seems they are never ending atm :scared: So you won't miss many more hun. Take care xxx
    11. Aurelia
      Merry Christmas darling xxx
    12. hobbs2004
      Thanks for the rep! I thought the vid was hilarious!
    13. BSH
      Thanks for the rep :)
    14. sullivan
      Thanks for your reply but the ages are out this kitty was only 3 months old and hasnt been done. Also found in the banister park area near the common. Many thanks . xx
    15. Dally Banjo
      Dally Banjo
      Your very welcome :D
    16. hobbs2004
      Thanks for the rep Kiwi!
    17. Themis
      I think if your cat is sick once or twice and shows no other signs of Illness it's nothing to worry about. Poppy used to throw up daily but the vet checked her out and couldn't find anything wrong with her. Now isn't sick that often at all. The other day she reacted badly to soem Salmon that I fed her, hence being sick on my bed!!
    18. Kiwi
      Hello all kittie lovers! We were adopted by this cute cat last year and are allowed to remain in residence as long as we know our place. And where the cat food is of course!
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    Back of Beyond, reinventing myself...
    Official Doorman to HRH
    Hello all! We moved to East Sussex from in May 2009 and were adopted by our cat Sweetie in August the same year. She was 15 months old and very poorly but now she is brimming with health and has us well trained! In Nov 2011, we acquired a black Lab called Boo, who is lovely (and naughty!). Sweetie is less than impressed at Boo's lack of catadulation but is slowly reigning Boo in...

    Thus, my role is now 'Official Tin-Opener and Royal Bodyguard...& occasional Dog-chew'... :/

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