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Dec 12, 2013
Nov 2, 2007
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on another planet

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PetForums VIP, from on another planet

kittykat was last seen:
Dec 12, 2013
    1. danielled
      Thanks for the heads up about the weather will do they can have the plastic flowers back and if they put more plastic flowers on there I will be saying something.
    2. danielled
      I'll be going to the cemetary to put some real flowers on nans grave and takeing the plastic ones off.
    3. CatzEyes
      Just means I'll end up napping again today...lol
      Our weather is warming up again, more 90's in the forecast next week...yuk
    4. CatzEyes
      LOL, good for her, glad she had a good time. Something Shayla hasn't done yet is go to a school dance.
      I know I never went to those things...LOL
      I laid down in the afternoon for about and hour, but then was up till midnight and up at 5 this morning...LOL.
    5. CatzEyes
      Afternoon, how is everything
      How did Holly's dance go
    6. danielled
      Had curry and rice for my tea.
    7. CatzEyes
      I do feel somewhat better but will probably end up napping later anyways...LOL.
    8. CatzEyes
      sorry, I laid down to rest my eyes for a few minutes and fell asleep...LOL...xx
    9. CatzEyes
      Nice, I hope it lasts for ya,
      oh I hate not sleeping, I too have been waking up every couple of hours the last few nites, restless. it truly is no fun.

      Oh nice, glad she's excited bout it, hope she has fun.
    10. CatzEyes
      Your welcome, I'm just fine, basking in the cooler weather, that's for sure...LOL
      Your bored are ya, is OH working again
    11. CatzEyes
      Hey there, how goes everything....xx
    12. Waterlily
      no worries catch ya later prolly cos its 3am here I may crash soon haha :D
    13. Waterlily
      its cos ya have more numbers then us prolly :D so I thought hey presto mobile :D
    14. Waterlily
      well trust me to text a home number then haha :D
    15. Waterlily
      oooh cos I couldnt sleep and told ya about it haha :D I prolly sent it somewhere round europe :D
    16. Waterlily
      hey just remembered, did ya get an odd text the other night ;)
    17. xxwelshcrazyxx
      Helloooooo, thought I had better show face in here, I love that petsville game, send me a neighbour link on the Frontier one then. lololol.
    18. dobermum
      Aw no worries KK, you take it easy, and give yer lil dq hugs from all of us. My lil dq would just love to have H round to play in the playroom with her lol. TTYS friend xox
    19. CatzEyes
      LOL, it's ok, I'm on to...LOL. I have to run in a minute to, gotta go to the bank, but I to will be back on....LOL, if I don't catcha though, have a good afternoon and I'll see ya on Thurs, can't believe back at work tomorrow. The days just go to fast anymore. Take care...xxx
    20. dobermum
      Aw KK I'm so sorry to see that yer no feelin' well wee cherub! I'm not in p/f much .. so much goin' on - there just seems there's not enuff hours in the day for me, so amma doing SFA the day - locked myself in P&Qville lol :D. Tell me, how are you, and are you ok? I hope all of the family and pets are well, and thinkin' bout ya and hope ya feeling better soon. Hugs and get better licks from me and the girls! xox D

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    on another planet



    "Life may not be the party we hoped for,
    but while we're here we might as well dance."
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