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Dec 12, 2013
Nov 2, 2007
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on another planet

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PetForums VIP, from on another planet

kittykat was last seen:
Dec 12, 2013
    1. suzy93074
      Aye up me suzer!!! :) we did have some bloody laughs !!! Miss those days too ....and yes we will catch up !! Soon I hope ;) sorry to hear u not well sounds like u have had it bad :( u take care of yourself my little pickle pie ......speak soon love ya loads my friend xxxxxxx
    2. Waterlily
      hello noodle :D lol
    3. suzy93074
      Oi mrs get your bum over here lol - thanks for the messages last night love u loads ....xxxx
    4. Waterlily
    5. CatzEyes

      How's it going Missy, hope u ok and everything is good with you. Could have a baby any day doctor doesn't think she will make past the next couPle of days without going into labor.
      All else is good nothing exciting to report, story of my life lol.
      Talk soon I hope xx
    6. suzy93074
      Mornign my little pickle! hows things going ??? inbox me when u get chance xxxx love u
    7. CatzEyes
      Morning.. How was your Monday, mine was o went quick. Still no baby, poor thing has been having contractions since Friday bit still has only dialated 3cm. They want her to wait it out and see if she goes into natural labor. Said since she is not full term yet would be risky to induce. She is miserable.
      Shayla is doing ok could be much better. She has been grounds from the computer that's why she hasn't been on.
      Lol u hit the moody thing right on the nose it's the age.
      So is al still good with u, hope so. Well I'll catch u soon gotta work, bye xx
    8. suzy93074
      Morning my little cupcake! yeah had a good one just went so bloomin quick! how bout u ? had a good one?? hope you are feeling ok hun xxxxx:) we ,must catch up on chat over the week on FB!! :) xxxx
    9. CatzEyes
      Morning nice to hear from you. Glad things ate going well still. I still have some more pics just haven't got to them, time consuming. We finally got a good rain yesterday was nice, chilly but nice. Gotta finish getting ready for work. Catch ya soon xx
    10. suzy93074
      Exactly hun so true - byeeeeeeeeeee have fun! :D xxxxx
    11. suzy93074
      Yeah she just sees everything from her point of view and just because she has apologised I still dont think she fully understands why I have reacted the way I have which shows she never had my feelings in thought at all - she says she had to go to hospital on the Saturday before she told me on Sunday and on Tuesday but didnt tell me cos I had said on Sunday I cant talk about stuff just yet ....why didnt she tell me on saturday????? before I had even come on or done a test ??? just does not make sense and she says I resent her for being pregnant which is so not true - just unhappy with how she was so insensitive to me on the one day I needed her support she wanted to make it all about her ....:( Awww hun **** D he is showing his true colours and you dont need people like that esp as you have S now ;) do what makes YOU happy hun you have put up with enough **** for the last few years its YOUR time now :) - enjoy yourself hun! catch u tonite on fb if you around ;) xxxxxxx
    12. suzy93074
      Hey hunnybun :) yeah im ok - I have taken a certain someone off my friends list cos I just dont think we are going to resolve stuff right now ....anyhow! life moves on! ;) hows u ??? xxxxx
    13. CatzEyes
      Hey stranger how is everything. Life still being fare to u. Had a great time on my trip didn't wanna come home lol.
    14. suzy93074
      Hey hun - hope you are ok!! bit worried bout ya - hows things working out? inbox me when u get a second - hopefully my new tablet is gonna come this week so will be online a bit more! - miss u love u xxxx
    15. danielled
      How are you.
    16. CatzEyes

      Morning, how is everything today. Hope u doing better. Things ok my end. Hoping this week goes fast cause next week is a short one. Well almost time to head out. Chat soon xxx
    17. suzy93074
      Morning Suze :) hope you ok -hows things going now? PM me when u get chance love and hugs xxxxxx
    18. suzy93074
      Hey hun! was thinking bout you last night ! must catch up on phone soon - I meant to ring you at weekend but was so busy ...hows things going with your fella?? - yes all good here had a scan yesterday and another one Wednesday one of my eggs is at 14.5 already so dont think it will be long .....fingers crossed ;) xxxxx
    19. CatzEyes
      Morning so did you catch lots of zzzzzzz over the weekend. That is probably the most exciting part of my weekend was my map lol. Was able to get the rest of Shaylas things she needed for school, that would be the productive part of my weekend. 18 days and counting till my trip, can't wait.
      Well I hope all is well, just passing time till work yippy lol. Talk soon xxx
    20. CatzEyes

      Well his is it her last weekend of the summer hurray lol
      I am some ready for her to go back
      What's up doing anything for the weekend. Sorry to hear u were down this week guess it don't matter how happy u r we will always have those days but at least we can bounce back right.
      All is good otherwise, these weeks are just flying by, be one for our trip before I know it.
      Well gotta finish getting ready for work so will say goodbye for now xx
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    on another planet



    "Life may not be the party we hoped for,
    but while we're here we might as well dance."
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