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Apr 8, 2016
Jul 25, 2011
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Wales, United Kingdom
Veterinary Receptionist

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PetForums VIP, from Wales, United Kingdom

Kittenfostermummy was last seen:
Apr 8, 2016
    1. thedogsmother
      Well I do need most of my money for bribes so I might try it next time Im in there :D, the one in Hudds is a bit of a pain to get to so I dont go often. Anyway youre on ignore so I cant see this anyway :p
    2. thedogsmother
      Or even better bribe them with 82p and spend 85p on a bottle of diet coke from the Coop :thumbup:. and your maths is worse than mine, although I did use a calculator :lol:
    3. thedogsmother
      Shhh, Im trying to count my penny jar to see if Ive got enough for this bribe, do you think £2.46 will be enough? The trouble is I see £2.46 and think how much Coke I could buy with that, ooh tis a tough decision, fight the cause for Diet Coke, or pretend I havent seen the Pepsi infidel and drink myself into coke induced oblivion :lol:
    4. thedogsmother
      :eek: How could you, I will report you to a mod as soon as I can find one who I can bribe for next to no money, just you wait Missus, your days of polluting this forum with your vegetable based drinks are over :arf:
    5. welshjet
      Dont be silly - your not.

      It really p's me off, when its something ligitimate you constantly have to fight all the time, and others, well I'll say no more! Xxx
    6. welshjet
      Hiya, furbies are ok, running around like loons - but theres no change in that!.

      I do hope she's ok, i know she does take a break but she does come back on every so often. It just seemd that since the bump in the car happened, shes been on here less and less, i do hope its not caused more probs for her.

      Hows your furbies and you xxx
    7. SnazzyJazzy
      its when you give up that the pain wins lol :) keep going keep trying and occasionally crying x being positive can help a lot more then most pain meds but its bloody difficult lol x
    8. SnazzyJazzy
      Nobody knows what is up with my mum lol, i think the problem is all upstairs but nobody will listen to me lol, im just the person who knows her best :/

      I should get some sleep tonight mum told me earlier to get lost and never come back....good news no early morning wake up.

      good luck at the hospital x
    9. SnazzyJazzy
      Have you tried tarantua hispanica? Its a alternative natural remedy and it is really helping with my back pain :) you can get your doc to prescribe it.

      Im still really tired was back at the hospital today with my mum, I think she needs more help then a ward can give her tbh but unfortunately they cannot see that she is really really acting out of character.
      i dont know what to do :(
      Really hope that you find something that helps :)
    10. SnazzyJazzy
      hey :) just sening a message to say i hope your feeling better :)
    11. welshjet
      Hiya, if my grey matter is working - not sure if it is tho! Remember last xmas when there was a secret santa, and Emma Jayne was ill, was it you that heard from her mum, its just that she hasnt been on here for yonks and was wondering how she is

      Clare x
    12. DENISE R
      DENISE R
      Thank you, she is my baby!! She is a bit of a scardy cat and quite jumpy at times. In her favourite place on the chair in the bay window. Go near at your own risk lol.
    13. DENISE R
      DENISE R
      What a cute kitten.
    14. Weezawoo
      I do know, she is a flatcoat x collie! Alot of flatcoat in her though! Love her to pieces :) x
    15. cinnamontoast
      Poor girl! Zak was on lead for months then attacked so that's what turned him from being sociable. :(
    16. cinnamontoast
      Zak has a 50 foot longline so he can't go too crazy. He adores playing with his ball so just rolling that for him is enough. He tires very quickly, I think he may have hyperthyroidism too, but haven't asked for the test yet. He keeps occupied with his brother and our older springer and gets our full attention. Sadly, he's extremely dog aggressive so the longline is also because of this.
    17. cinnamontoast
      *Cartrophen* Bloody iPad!
    18. cinnamontoast
      Oh, poo :( Zak has hip dysplasia and has to be limited, at two and being a springer, that's a bit of a sod! D you find the cart open helps? Zak's had two courses and I don't see a difference :confused:
    19. cinnamontoast
      Bless, I hate seeing them go through pain. Are her problems resolvable or at least manageable?
    20. cinnamontoast
      Cassie! Stupid iPad!
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    Wales, United Kingdom
    Veterinary Receptionist
    I am a mad animal lover and have volunteered at a vets at one time as a veterinary nurse assistant. I am used to foster kittens and have hand reared around 30 kittens only loosing my first baby who was born premature.

    I now work in a vets and have been there 2 1/2 years as a receptionist but also get to be hands on out the back. I want to train to become a qualified animal nursing assistant (I do this job as well but not officially) but am having to save up the money.

    Animals, Reading, Surfing the internet.


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