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Apr 8, 2016
Jul 25, 2011
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Wales, United Kingdom
Veterinary Receptionist

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PetForums VIP, from Wales, United Kingdom

Kittenfostermummy was last seen:
Apr 8, 2016
    1. MCWillow
      Wetting myself?? I have been wearing tenapants all week :lol:

      Camera is fully charged and ready to go :D

      I really dont know - I have zyklene and feliway ready in stock - I really hope they are OK - if anything Willow will be the worst, she is very highly strung :eek:

      She was really cuddly for about 3 days after we got home, but is slowly reverting to her usual snobbycat persona :D
    2. MCWillow
      It seems nearly every thread I start ends up getting closed! :lol:

      He comes home at the end of Nov, but we are visiting him tomorrow for the first time :D :thumbup: xx
    3. wobblecat
      Hi Kittenfostermummy! Sorry for a late reply...but yes it would be great to chat about our CH kitties :-) Adopted my two new ones yesterday so having a fab day today settling them in :-) x
    4. redroses2106
      hi no probs :)
    5. welshjet
      Have pm'd you x
    6. danielled
      How are you tonight.
    7. danielled
      Me too after mosters inside me.
    8. danielled
      That explains it then.
    9. danielled
      I see butterflies in my garden but nothing like the one at the park.
    10. danielled
      Might wear my bright pink one again.
    11. danielled
      I need him to land on me first.
    12. danielled
      If I go again and my butterfly friend lands on me I'll get s pic.
    13. danielled
      I would have posted a pic saying look who landed on me. A pretty little butterfly he was.
    14. danielled
      Only one problem there the butterfly was on the side my phone was. I didn't want to scare or hurt the little guy.
    15. danielled
      I was stood there talking to it saying I'm a human not a flower.
    16. danielled
      I love butterflies too but didn't know til I ade friends with that butterfly that it was bright colours they were attracted too. Even with clothes.
    17. danielled
      I have now learned not to wear bright colours in a butterfly house.
    18. danielled
      On her birthday we took her to a park that had animals, mainly for her and I had a bright pink top on and oops in the butterfly house I looked at my right side on my jumper and a butterfly was on me I said to my sister I don't remember walking in with a butterfly on me.
    19. danielled
      Yes I just look at her and say Jorja don't kick there aunty Danielle has owies there if kicked.
    20. danielled
      We took her to ordsall hall today is what I meant to say. She loved her birthday. She thought it was dead funny to kick me in the incisions though.
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    Wales, United Kingdom
    Veterinary Receptionist
    I am a mad animal lover and have volunteered at a vets at one time as a veterinary nurse assistant. I am used to foster kittens and have hand reared around 30 kittens only loosing my first baby who was born premature.

    I now work in a vets and have been there 2 1/2 years as a receptionist but also get to be hands on out the back. I want to train to become a qualified animal nursing assistant (I do this job as well but not officially) but am having to save up the money.

    Animals, Reading, Surfing the internet.


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