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Apr 8, 2016
Jul 25, 2011
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Wales, United Kingdom
Veterinary Receptionist

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PetForums VIP, from Wales, United Kingdom

Kittenfostermummy was last seen:
Apr 8, 2016
    1. welshjet
      Yep, that will be grand. We need to arrange where, but i"ll pm you,xxx
    2. welshjet
      Ha - I normally do that! Thursday ok with me and afternoon ok as long as I avoid Cardiff rush hour

      Its Clare - I did remember yours from when I popped some food through the post for you :)

      They are all fine, but have their boosters and yearly checks on tuesday, so no dout I'll be told to save for lilly and her gingivitis teeth and we still love them dont we. X
    3. Kittenfostermummy
      Next Thursday fine hun :) Hope you ok and needing to go to quacks isn't for anything serious!!??? Can I ask what is your name? I can't really keep calling you Welshjet lol ;) mine is Natalie. I am better in the afternoons than morning if that is ok? How are your clan of four legs?? The cats are doing well but my dog is having a few problems with her anal glands and will prob need them removing so we having fun :)
    4. welshjet
      If I can get out of watching rugby down the pub on Saturday, that msy be possible as well x
    5. welshjet
      Im off work next weds, thurs and friday. I want to go to quacks early weds but other than that all free, how are you looking or is a weekend better x
    6. Jiskefet
      Thank you for the rep.
      I am glad I am not the only one who hasn't figured out all the clever features of this forum yet...
    7. MoggyBaby
      Thank you so much for my rep. That was very, very kind of you. I hope you have a lovely day. :)

    8. welshjet
      Arrrgh, only just seen your vm xxx

      You'll be fine hun. Have they given you a time for the op. Xxx
    9. welshjet
      Aww love him, but it must be nice to see them both back friends again and Bugs is settling down wuth him again xxx

      That fluey bug has been awful, touch wood, ive missed most of it but have had the odd sore throat and a banging headcold over 2 days. Have they said how long your op will take and your recovery time. Im away soon but back mid feb. Hopefully, we can have a chops and me get my arse down to meet you and crinkle. Im around as in general chat but dont venture into cat chat much these days.

      Hows work going, is crinkle back with them now for checkups x
    10. welshjet
      Helloowee, not in cat chat much these days, hows you doing and the gorgeous crinkle xxx

      Hope he is behaving xxx
    11. SnazzyJazzy
      yep her back half is a bit bald lol but growing in better now thannk goodness, im guessing she is a week behind the others at least :)
    12. SnazzyJazzy
      Lucy now weighs 74 grams and is doing well :)
    13. SnazzyJazzy
      thank you for the rep :)

      How is crinkle doing?
    14. sarahecp
      You're very welcome hun :) pleased they've gone down well :thumbup:
      I read your thread, sooo pleased Crinkle has had a play, made me cry reading that :) he's such a brave boy and he's so, so lucky to have you, bless him.
      Merry Christmas and have a lovely day xxxxxx
    15. welshjet
      :o sorry xxx didnt even think how much its taken out of you xxx

      He sound as though he's raring to go, it must be so good for him not to have that intense pressure and pain in his head.

      Crinkle is a credit to you and you to him xxx
    16. welshjet
      Dont take this the wrong way - you bugger

      Ive been worrying about you and crinkle all day.

      Was so glad to see your vm xxx and off to check thread now.

      Give the little fella a big cuddle from me xxx
    17. welshjet
      Hey hun xxx

      Havent seen anything of you, am so hoping all is ok xxxx

      Hugs xxxx
    18. Waterlily
    19. MCWillow
      Babe - I feel for you!! My mum is a 32JJ :eek: My nan is huge too - I am so hoping I dont follow in their footsteps, they were both about my size when my age :eek:

      She just laughed at me at the cattery :D Didnt think of asking for a balnky early, will ask her tomorrow, thanks :thumbup:
    20. MCWillow
      Oh thats great news!!! I went up to 40dd when I was pregnant and it was bloody awful :eek: I'm not sure when to start to zyklene and feliway tbh :confused:

      And I'm Ok for waterproofs - dont forget I go to Glastonbury every year ;) Already told the cattery they would be coming back in June, but there would be 4 this time :D
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    Wales, United Kingdom
    Veterinary Receptionist
    I am a mad animal lover and have volunteered at a vets at one time as a veterinary nurse assistant. I am used to foster kittens and have hand reared around 30 kittens only loosing my first baby who was born premature.

    I now work in a vets and have been there 2 1/2 years as a receptionist but also get to be hands on out the back. I want to train to become a qualified animal nursing assistant (I do this job as well but not officially) but am having to save up the money.

    Animals, Reading, Surfing the internet.


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