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Apr 8, 2016
Jul 25, 2011
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Wales, United Kingdom
Veterinary Receptionist

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PetForums VIP, from Wales, United Kingdom

Kittenfostermummy was last seen:
Apr 8, 2016
    1. welshjet
      Sometimes like us, it does them good to feel a bit of warmth on them, hopefully it will do him a bit of good xxx

      We are out in the garden as well, martin has just finished work, but has twisted his ankle, so we are having a beer or two.

      I have some natures menu food if you want me to pop that in post for you 2moro - its like a soft pate type if you want to try that with him - just pm your address again xxx
    2. welshjet
      How is he today Nat xxx
    3. welshjet
      Aww, love him x

      When you are getting him to eat, whats he eating.

      No worries about meeting, there is plenty of time, make sure you and Crinkle are fit and well x
    4. welshjet
      Hows it going today xxx
    5. welshjet
      I do want to come down, but in all honesty, I am scared with him being so poorly if he did catch anything x

      Lets see how he goes tomorrow, hopefully he will pick up a bit. We can even look at it on Monday, lol, it dont take me that long to get ready, I dont chuck slap on :)

      Anyhow, forgot, how are you now after op, are you healing hows the scars x
    6. welshjet
      Oh Nat xxx

      I dont know what to say xxx

      As much as I want to meet him (and you!) I think you really need to concentrate on him and I think im a bit scared if his immune system is down, even though our two are fine with no sniffles or illnesses that I transfer something to him, and that would be the last thing him, and you need xxx he is such a fighter for you xxx

      Am I being silly thinking that? Xxx
    7. welshjet
      Just seen your on line, any news xxx
    8. welshjet
      Can you believe it, I think I may have gone to that pub a fair few years ago. Didn't really stop that long, my back was starting to play up and.i hadnt taken any tablets. So after a quick scoot round there and the range we went back home, so saving the garden centres in st mellons for another day.

      Paws crossed for good tesults if they come through today xxx
    9. welshjet
      Helloowee, did text you yesterday - I think I can find my way now!

      Am a bit worried as not seen you much, hope all is ok with Crinkle xxxxxc
    10. welshjet
      Hope all ok xxx
    11. spid
      How are mum and kittens this morning?
    12. spid
      Good luck.
    13. spid
      As long as kits are warm they will be fine, but they do need to be warm to feed (as you know)
    14. spid
      Okay - she's probably finished, but she may well deliver more later - especially if she was mated by more than one male. Make sure kittens are warm and drying, and feeding and then leave mum to do her job. DOn't interfere too much this early. Did mum eat the placentas? GOt to go in a few mins sorry.
    15. spid
      If mum will let her, then by all means move her, but be aware that soon after birth isn't a good time to move her. I would try to get a towel under neath her, then if she tolerates that slide her and kittens with towel out. She may well object.
    16. spid
      Yes, definitely. It should ease off in the next couple of hours. Are the kittens feeding?
    17. spid
      Panting isn't a sign of pushing. They often pant for a while afterwards. As long as she isn't actively pushing for more than 20 mins she is okay. It's like afterpains in humans as the womb contracts back down to normal size and organs return to normal positions.
    18. welshjet
      Pm me your postcode, and I can get driving directions that way. I know the roundabout but im crap and cant say how to get there. Many moons ago I used to eork weekends down in a pub called the great eastern, but I think im getting confused - not that it takes a lot lol
    19. welshjet
      Is that aldis by bay - down by ikea x
    20. welshjet
      Yep, that be fine with me. I know Cardiff, but not too good. , but if its splott way, I have been there. But again, not for years, is there a big supermarket/shop thats near you that we can meet first so im in the right area x
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    Wales, United Kingdom
    Veterinary Receptionist
    I am a mad animal lover and have volunteered at a vets at one time as a veterinary nurse assistant. I am used to foster kittens and have hand reared around 30 kittens only loosing my first baby who was born premature.

    I now work in a vets and have been there 2 1/2 years as a receptionist but also get to be hands on out the back. I want to train to become a qualified animal nursing assistant (I do this job as well but not officially) but am having to save up the money.

    Animals, Reading, Surfing the internet.


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