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Apr 8, 2016
Jul 25, 2011
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Wales, United Kingdom
Veterinary Receptionist

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PetForums VIP, from Wales, United Kingdom

Kittenfostermummy was last seen:
Apr 8, 2016
    1. GoldenShadow
      Thinking of you. If you ever need a late night chat there are nearly always people on here. Don't be afraid to reach out. Go snuggle those kitties xxxxx
    2. cheekyscrip
      My deepest sympathy...live could be so terribly unfair...if I can help...
    3. welshjet
      Tbh, its only Jet, and he had a weird habit of standing not square and he got a thin look to him. He's about the 5kg mark so he is fat enough, its just me :)
    4. welshjet
      Yrs, going to have to make more of an effort and try to organise my flexidays off better.

      Am glad he's getting better for your xx Poor lia, if its not one its the other for you xxx

      All well with ours, but was just thinking where I want to lose weight, could really do with putting a 1lb.or 2 on them pair. But where we have the heating on. Its dulling their appetite
    5. welshjet
      Long time no speak xxx

      Hope all is well - other than your steam burn xxx
    6. MCWillow
      Not anymore ;) :D
    7. MCWillow
      Just in case you miss it - I posted how to hide bitstrips on the FB thread ;) :D xx
    8. moggiemum
      yeah,for mr crinkle, sorry your dogs not well:( best wishes x
    9. moggiemum
      hi i was just wondering how mr crinkle is, good i hope, sorry if i missed any recent posts on him:)
    10. MCWillow
      Bless him :( Its so horrible when they are ill *hugs* x
    11. MCWillow
      LOL - Willow is a huge dribbler, so I can relate to that :D How is Crinkle getting on hon x
    12. MCWillow
      Hes been absolutely fine so far - he had another blood test last friday, but the vet hasnt phoned me yet with the results :mad: I will call them tomorrow, as we were hoping to reduce them again! He usually calls monday or tuesday, so dont know why I havent heard this week :(
    13. MCWillow
      Its very achey - like it feels bruised under the skin, but apart from that its fine! No swelling at all, and the 'stretched elastic band' sensation has gone - very strange! I have no idea what caused it, I was only eating a crisp when it 'went' :eek: - thanks so much for asking :D x
    14. welshjet
      Have only just saw post xxx
    15. MCWillow
      Oh bless her - it certainly sounds like an infection doesn't it :(

      At least she isn't showing any signs of pain, so that is being controlled!

      have you considered colostrum? It can boost the immune system - if you get it, get the lactose free/low one - Rowan had a dodgy tummy a few days ago - I didnt get the lactose free one, and I guess I overindulged him :(
    16. MCWillow
      Aww bless him - I guess its more confusing for him as he can't see?

      Rowan still hisses at Cedar and Blossom - never had any fights, but Cedar and Rowan are both mummies boys, and if one is getting attention, then the other has to jump straight on my lap to muscle in - when I get in from work and sit down with a cuppa, I have bookends :lol: No chance of drinking said tea as I have to pet them both at the same time, one either side!

      I'm sure Crinkle will accept her, even if he never stops the hissing - I have photographic evidence of Cedar and Rowan sleeping together - but Rowan will hiss at least once a day! x
    17. MCWillow
      He's doing OK - has decided he will only eat if hand fed - unless its fish :rolleyes: But his last blood test was good (a week ago) neutrophils have raised, and white cell count is low, but raised and in the low end of normal :thumbup: x
    18. welshjet
      Helllooooeee - just reading.a post and you said about Lia - I need to find that post - have you got a link xxxx
    19. welshjet
      Hello, hows you all doing xxx
    20. welshjet
      Oops :o only judt got in.x

      Will have a.look now x
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    Wales, United Kingdom
    Veterinary Receptionist
    I am a mad animal lover and have volunteered at a vets at one time as a veterinary nurse assistant. I am used to foster kittens and have hand reared around 30 kittens only loosing my first baby who was born premature.

    I now work in a vets and have been there 2 1/2 years as a receptionist but also get to be hands on out the back. I want to train to become a qualified animal nursing assistant (I do this job as well but not officially) but am having to save up the money.

    Animals, Reading, Surfing the internet.


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