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Dec 9, 2014
Oct 18, 2014
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kitkatze was last seen:
Dec 9, 2014
    1. kitkatze
      Going in for surgery tomorrow, so please know that i may not reply to pms for a while as i recover. Thanks, kit
    2. danielled
      Mywndo is back with a vengiance.
    3. danielled
      I can get the clump of wax sucked out.
    4. danielled
      She answered all my questions.
    5. danielled
      She was lovely. It was a locum. She had a good long look in my ears and no infection, there is however a clump if hard wax in there. I explained my history of perforated eardrums and how they were repaired in surgery. She said my ears are clear no infection at all. She offered olive oil drops but I explained I can't have those as they cause more problems and she was fine and understood, relieved that there is no infection.
    6. danielled
      I won't be leaving it. Mums getting me an appointment tomorrow.
    7. danielled
      I have had perforated eardrums when I was little that were repaired in surgery but if we leave it whose to say it won't perforate the ear drim again.
    8. danielled
      The other week I had an ear infection so went to the doctors and she said yes bad ear infection, gave me spray drops and 5 days of antibiotics which wasn't enough because think it is back.
    9. danielled
      Mine has cleared off for a bit.
    10. danielled
      How are you.
    11. danielled
      Same to you. If you need to talk about it I'm right here. Just realised I sounded like anna in frozen then.
    12. danielled
      Mum and my sister are very supportive. My niece well she is only 3 so she doesn't have to know. If you'd told me if you joined pf then I would have believed you. I know what it feels like. I don't call it a pest for nothing.
    13. danielled
      I was diagnosed 3 years ago. I had a laparoscopy and when I'd woke up and gone back to the ward they came to speak to mum and said they found out I have endometriosis and suggested we try the implant. That alone controlled it for 2 years then earlier this year it started again so eventually was put on the combined pill, worked for a bit along side the implant til last night when endo reared it's ugly head. I never knew what endo was but baseically it is the lining of the whomb everywhere it shouldn't be, outside where it should be and when it bleeds you know it.
    14. danielled
      You have endo too? Awful isn't it. My endo attack seems to be calming down tonight. A cure would be nice lol.
    15. huckybuck
      Thank you for my green blob - that's really kind of you xx
    16. Jiskefet
      You don't need to thank me, people like that just p*ss me off no end, and you deserve a lot better than that. Good thing you found Pet Forums, they are a great bunch.
      You will always find people on here to offer support when you need it.
    17. lostbear
      Thank you so much for the rep. And I mean what I say - you are a lovely, loyal and loving friend. If he can't see what he is throwing away, he doesn't deserve your friendship.

      I hope that you are soon well again. God Bless.
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    I have two cats, come from switzerland and like a variety of hobbies.
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