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Apr 15, 2009
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May 12
On the settee with a red wine

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    1. DogHeart
      Hi. Come and join our community DogsHeartFoundation.com send this message to all animal lovers to save a soul.
    2. Milliepoochie
      Hope all went ok re work. Have been thinking of you. So much for better times hey :-( x
    3. cats galore
      cats galore
      don't worry about it. he'll be eating when he's ready, some are just really slow and his mom is too eager to keep feeding him lol. i might just keep him here with me x
    4. I care so much
      I care so much
      How is Bertie, did they find out what was wrong
    5. Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Cheers KINJILABS :)

      By the way, you were the *only* person who correctly read that first pic and guessed what was happening :)
    6. Milliepoochie
      Hows your lovely Molly settling in? Hope things are starting to calm slightly and Bertie is less excited by her ;-)

      From a couple of posts it sounds like its been quite hard work bless with her limping and possible problems bless her.

      Hope You have a lovely day,

    7. redginald
      Thank you, appreciate it
    8. Kinjilabs
      I know, some people just like to argue!!! didnt even get to see what was said lol
    9. DoodlesRule
      Aw your thread has been closed - hope we get to find out if you do get your bike back
    10. Kinjilabs
      Your very welcome, believe me Ive been there with Woody, bless him he was a lovely dog but could be a nightmare at times
    11. Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Owned By A Yellow Lab
      Just wanted to say thank you for your kind comments on my thread this evening, much appreciated :)
    12. cheekyscrip
      just hope that you are ok...and that they did not keep you waiting for results...so now you can go to bed relieved and feeling better...
    13. Thorne
      Thought of you today - a pair of lovely red Goldies came to stay at the kennels I work at, the male (named Cooper) could be your Bertie's stunt double! He has quite a bit of white on his chest and a tiny bit on his head. Lovely dogs :)
    14. Jorton
      Hello I am new to this forum just seen your posts about Woody. Sorry for your loss. I know how it feels just lost my precious little girl not even 2 through a similar thing.
    15. lozb
      Hi... I've not been around here for ages and I've only just read about Woody.. I'm so sorry, what awful, awful news... big hugs from me & Baxter.. xxx
    16. emmaviolet
      good luck with bertie, you deserve all the joy he looks like he will bring you! he looks a lovely boy! xx
    17. Milliepoochie
      Youve bought tears to my eyes seeing photos of Bertie. Congratulations :-) Have a lovely evening x x
    18. Kinjilabs
    19. x PIXIE x
      x PIXIE x
      thinking of you at the moment
    20. Milliepoochie
      Its been a few days and havnt seen you online. :-( Just wanted to say your still all in our thoughts. Your Woody has touched so many hearts who he has never even met. Keep strong x x x
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    May 12
    On the settee with a red wine
    Walking, eating out,dogs dogs and more dogs!


    RIP all my babies.
    Monty LabxGSD 1972-1982
    Jody Black Lab1982-1999
    KizzyLabx Goldie 1983-1994
    Larry Yellow Lab 1985-1993
    Charlie Black Lab 1986 -1997
    Ben Yellow Lab 1985-1999
    Pud Choc Lab 1989-2003
    Bridgit Black Lab 1991-2004
    Floss Yellow Lab1992-2006
    Millie Yellow Lab1994-2010
    My boy Ted, my first my last my everything.Golden Retriever 1/8/98-28/6/2011
    Woody, gone way too young! 19/4/2011-25/5/2012 missing you babe xxxx
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