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Kian's dad
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Oct 10, 2010
Jun 2, 2009
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Kian's dad

PetForums Junior, from Canada

Kian's dad was last seen:
Oct 10, 2010
    1. Kian's dad
      Kian's dad
      Awesome stuff.
      What brand is it, if you don't mind me asking?
      I had Kian walking very proper before the holidays. Then we left him up north with my gf's folks while we travelled to the US for a few days... they pretty much let him do what he wanted and now it seems he has it in his tiny head that we'll let him get away with anything... boy is he wrong. Even his walking on a leash has changed, he keeps pulling more and more. I'll have to remedy this quick as it can be dangerous for Heather to take him for a walk when it's icey outside.
    2. kaz_f
      Yes he is a bit of a puller on the lead and I generally have him on an extendable lead as his recall is terrible. He will walk to heel but has to be constantly reminded that that's what he should be doing. The harness is great because it's really adjustable and well padded. I've tried lots of harnesses and they have all chafed him apart from this one, he seems really comfortable in it. Also, he is a bit of a houdini and has managed to escape out of other harnesses I've used. I've started putting it on him aroud the house when we aren't going out for a walk because he's got into the habit of absolutely yapping the place down when his harness goes on - out of excitement. I've figured that if I put it on him at random times he won't necessarily associate it with a walk. He does look a very smart boy in it! I'm using it in the car also as I've only got a small car that won't fit a crate in so he has to sit in the back seat when we go anywhere.
    3. kaz_f
      Ooh lovely, I loved Toronto. My relatives live in London and actually it was summer at the time so I've never experienced a full on Canadian style winter! Alfie's a real lively one too, he's 2 and a half now and shows no signs of slowing down. I'm in North Wales so he's had lots of opportunities to walk in the mountains over the Christmas/New Year period and try out his posh new harness!
    4. kaz_f
      Hi - hope you don't think I'm being nosey but just wondered where abouts in Canada you are? I've got relatives in Canada (ontario) and I went over to visit for 3 months and I really loved it. It'd be the first place I'd be emigrating to if I could ever afford to escape the UK! Great pics of Kian's Christmas day antics by the way :)
    5. tashi
      Have just added a bit to the title of your thread after last nights shenanighans I was finding it a little bit disturbing hope this is ok with you
    6. Bex190
      Do you ever get the feeling it's 3 steps forward, 2 steps back?
      Otto had been doing really well with his sleeping, going off lead etc but last night he barked constantly from 0300 til 0445. No idea why, I think he just wanted to sleep in my bed!

      On another subject, do you have trouble keeping weight on Kian?
      I'm feeding Otto more than the guidelines for his weight of his dried food plus raw mince and treats but he's starting to look a bit skinny. I don't think normal foods are made for Vizsla activity levels!
    7. Bex190
      New Vizsla pup alert! Check out my profile visitor messages for details:D
    8. Bex190
      He's learnt sit and down, stand and wait are a work in progress! He starts his puppy classes on Sept 7th so he can learn some socialisation skills. Do you take Kian to any classes or are you doing it yourself?
    9. Bex190
      lol I was hoping you'd say they completely calm down when they hit 11 weeks! I'm taking Otto for his second jab tomorrow so I'll be able to get him out and about soon. I can't wait, he seriously needs to walk off some energy!
    10. Bex190
      I've just bumped up Otto's thread in the gallery for you and there's one of him in his new bed in Dog Chat which I took today. I can't believe how quickly he's growing and how much trouble he can get into. He's now learnt how to climb walls and fences! How's Kian doing? Is he calming down at all yet?
    11. 3 red dogs
      3 red dogs
      i have to 2nd Bex's coments mate, he is stunning, i love you guys just for having a proper dog!!
    12. Bex190
      I love all the photos of Kian, it lets me know what's to come in the near future!
    13. vizzy24
      More Vizzie's !!!!!!!! He looks a handsome little chap, I bet he keeps you on your toes
      Kian is gorgeous....xxxx
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