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Jan 8, 2009
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Legal Secretary

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PetForums VIP, from Harlow

    1. huckybuck
      Hi Kelly, thanks for being my friend :-) Since we both got the kittens at roughly the same time I thought it would be good. How is Lionel getting on? And how are your hands, legs, feet? I took Grace for her vet check last night and got her nails clipped; she can't work out how why she can't climb up my jeans anymore!! I'm also friends with Jumbu who has Grace's twin Lyra. Anyhow i just wanted to say Hi.
    2. kellyrich
      Yeah iremember Flake and Daisy, thats such a shame about the fox getting them, poor things. Oh id love to see some pics of your maine coon, they are lovely cats...in fact my friend is going to look at some tonight! Baby number 3 my god congratulations...amazing how time flies!! xxx
    3. umber
      Im well thank you! I did have my Flake and Daisy my bunnies for ages up until mid ladt year when sadly the fox finally killed both of them devastated! Anyways now i have my Achilles my MaineCoon kitten and im smitten by him lol! I think thr last time we spoke i was expecting baby number 2 right? Well he is going to be 4 yrs old next month and baby number 3 will be 2 next month x
    4. umber
      Helloooo Kelly do you remember me from rabbit chat a few years back??? Last time we were in touch you had your beautiful hugeee bunny! Nice to see you x
    5. Treaclesmum
      Hi just wondered how Rufus is getting on? He's so cute :)
      I've decided I want a cream BHS boy and a blue-cream BHS girl (not right now though but in the future!) :)
    6. pheebus
      Hi, just letting you know that your banner is finished and I've posted it on my thread. :) xx
    7. martap
      Rufus is adorable! I knew from the start you should go for BSH. What made you choose it? I thought you wanted a Ragdoll after talking to TB..
      Where did you find the breeder?
    8. Ingrid25
      awww thanks, i love BSHs! I really want one but mum says NO MORE CATS!
    9. Ingrid25
      i see you around cat chat alot so i stopped around to say hiiiiiiiiii!:D
      I bet you can't wai till your baby comes home, whats his name going to be do you know? Aso what breed is he?
      :D From Ingrid
    10. Archer
      Hi I don't have the facility to Pm for somereason. Do you have an email?
    11. Purrrrfect
      OMG i forgot to tell you. the girl i'm getting the BSH's off told me about a woman who is getting rid of a Chinchilla free to good home. A Chinchilla is the ultimate Persian for me they are just gorgeous. I am sooooo tempted lol :D pic added to show you one of these stunning cats.

    12. Purrrrfect
      Hi Hunni, I saw your post asking for a siggie, I setup a forum just for that sort of thing. Please feel free to pop over and take a look if you join and place a request i will be more than happy to make you one.
    13. scosha37
      Just wishing everyone a good week..((((hugs )))) xxxx
    14. RoseForTheDead
      Meee? I've been busy doing assignments for college hun! it's taken over my life! lol! all finished now though, so I can have some fun lol how's you? xx
    15. scosha37
    16. Nonnie
      I just hope it works.

      Btw, did your other 2 buns get their new home ok?
    17. Nonnie
      Rabbit 140 Guinea Pig and Rabbit Cage by Ferplast-Cages and stands-Pets at Home: Buy Pet Supplies from our Online UK Pet Shop

      Working now for me.
    18. mimi g
      mimi g
      I want to give you a green blob but how?? x
    19. scosha37
      thank you for my green blob!...xxxx
    20. mimi g
      mimi g
      I made you a sig but when came to send its to small??? I have to go out now but when am back will try rejig it and send to you!!! xx
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    Legal Secretary
    Im 36 years old, live with my partner in Harlow with our three British Shorthair cats, Siggy (blue) Rufus (Blue) and George (chocolate)...soon to be four!! I work as a legal secretary just off Oxford Street and do far too muchy shopping!! lol

    I love my pets and wish i could have a few more, but im working on that one!! I also like to go out and enjoy myself but we have calmed this down a bit now since we have had our animals!! I also love to cook and play darts!!

    My dream is to win the lottery and open up a rescue centre for animals!! But doubt this will ever happen but keeping all fingers and toes crossed!! :)

    Cats, Playing darts, cooking, socialising,.


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