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Feb 22, 2019
Oct 14, 2008
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don't have a job as such because of my health but

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PetForums VIP, from oxfordshire

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Feb 22, 2019
    1. jaycee05
      Thank you, I think a home has already been found,
    2. jaycee05
      Hi, do you know of anyone in the North Yorkshire area who would like 2 Ragdoll brothers aged almost 8 years old, owner is elderly gentleman who has to go into a nursing home, both neutered
      I am in Scarborough,
    3. Argosdt
      Hi Kelly-Joy,

      Are you looking for any Xmas foster families at the moment??
    4. Helo
      Hi Kelly-Joy I was directed to see if you could help... My thread is in the urgent rehome section about my two cats who I need to rehome due to my baby's medical reaction to them. I'm so desperate for help it breaks my heart but I've had to home them in my shed for now as his rashes were getting worse with them confined to one room! I've got them on a waiting list at Lothian cat rescue but they say it'll be two months so I've been trying every shelter I can find for weeks all say they have no room & I really can't keep them in the shed much longer! But I can't risk my son! Is there anything you can do to help? I just need to know they'll be safe! Thank you in advance xx my email is nv.hill@hotmail.com
    5. Fiji444

      If I can be of any help, please let me know. I would be able to take in 1-2 cats any one time to foster.

      Many thanks.
    6. kelly-joy
      just answered her thread:)
    7. househens
      Lady? is wanting persian, maybe cross? Bristol area. making query about Bristol Persian Rescue. user name lexxeh
    8. househens
      Dear k-j have been trying to help hgrimmer. She is in Scotland, has other dogs (3 or 4) and cats,(3 or 4), and has a space and a heart , to take a disabled cat, but it must be very laid back, to cope with the household. She is a teacher and would like to teach about rescue cats too. Perhaps someone could give a talk and bring a selection of potential kittens and do checks. Heather may be able to vouch for some?
    9. kelly-joy
      I have sent your email to rescue that currently has them, but I think they already have a possible home if no one comes forward to claim them:)
    10. jltaylor
      Hi Kelly

      I have seen the thread about the two ragdoll kittens found in the park in Salisbury. I live in Salisbury and would be interested in adopting them if an owner isn't found.
      I currently have two loving 1 year old loving moggy brothersbbut have been looking at the possibility of getting a Ragdoll. Came across the breed in a pub in west Sussex. Most pubs have dogs, this one had two very friendly Raggies.

      I would be more than happy to have both of them

      Kind regards

      Jo Taylor
    11. househens
      Ang2 told me to contact you. I've been bumping a thread that someone has put up. They have 2 cats and are going to New York in a week or something ridiculous, and they say none of the cat rescues will take them. I'm worried for the cats, but I really want to slap the owners - hard. I'm in Australia, and bumping is all that I can do.
    12. mdeal
    13. kelly-joy
      Hi try these rescues:)

      Whinnybank Cat Sanctuary

      Lothian Cat Rescue: Home Page

      Sunny Harbour Cat & Kitten Rescue - Home Page

      Home | Fife Cat Shelter

      Animal Rehoming - Animal Helpline 03000 999 999 - Scottish SPCA

      Help Fife Animals:*Welcome


      best wishes Kelly-joy :)
    14. LadyRedLainey
      Hello Kelly. A couple ladies on the cat forum directed me to you.
      I put in an enquiry to my local cat protection, for two beautiful boys, who are suited to going to a home with children, of which we need, and sadly got turned down, because the cats previously belonged on our street, so it was impossible for them to be homed with us, they don't have any cats suited to us at the moment.

      I was just wondering, if you knew of any other cat rescues in my area? Perth Ph1

      Thank you :) x
    15. crazydogs
      thank you i will do.
      Thanks again for the offer of help.
    16. kelly-joy
      So sorry to hear that:( if you see any more just email me the link or pm it for me as I don't get a message saying I have visitor messages for some reason and I am often too busy to come on and check everyday sadly:( best to email me at kelly-joy@animallifelineuk.org or you can email us at info@animallifelineuk.org which a few of the team can answer or go to our site at Animal Lifeline UK .

      Best wishes Kelly-joy and The Animal Lifeline UK Team:)

      Animal Lifeline UK: Helping Rescues with Homechecking, Fostering, Transport, Fundraising, Rehoming and more!
    17. crazydogs
      Hi thanks Kelly-joy but the owner has now re homed it as i couldn't get to pick it up.
    18. kelly-joy
      Which county do you live in? and how far are you willing to travel? if you let me know I will give you a list of rescues to try. Best wishes Kelly-joy :)

      Animal Lifeline UK: Helping Rescues with Homechecking, Fostering, Transport, Fundraising, Rehoming and more!
    19. kelly-joy
      Hi send me the link , email it to info@animallifelineuk.org and we will see if the owner will let us help:)

      Animal Lifeline UK: Helping Rescues with Homechecking, Fostering, Transport, Fundraising, Rehoming and more!
    20. Linds
      Hi, Ive just been on the cat adoption forum and noticed that you had lots of posts so wondered if you could help. Im hoping to adopt a cat to become friends wwith my 5 year old neutered persian. I would love another persian, ragdoll or BSH aged 1-8. I am in the north-east and more than happy to pay any adoption fees. Thanks, Lindsey
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    Home Page:
    don't have a job as such because of my health but
    My name is Kelly-joy I live with my lovely other half Steve, our 2 sons tom and Leo, I also share my home with a mini zoo lol.
    Currently I have 5 cats 3 raggies , Raggles a rescue cream colour point who loves to play mummy to everything and is the reason why so many baby animals I hand rear survive.Herbie a perfectly marked blue bi colour that hates being shown, he is a really big boy but he is scared of his own shadow lol and Peggles a blue colour point that has FCKS and had a really badly deformed leg which has since removed, he has a lot of problems but he doesn't seem to get him down. He loves to lick people , I think he thinks he is a dog lol. I also have a very naughty seal tabby birman called Teddy who steals socks and under wear and then dumps them in his water bowl or fountain lol. Lastly I have Astra a ginger and white tabby moggie that I hand reared and just never left. I also have 4 rescue rabbits mopsey a lion head x lop,Flopsey a french lop and noddy and Jakey two lion

    My interests are my family,friends and pets.I also am interested in animals and helping them out in anyway I can and have been involved with a few rescues.I was a re homing a co ordinator for the ukrcc and used to help with fund raising,making people more aware of the ukrcc. I now co own a rescue organisation called www.animallifelineuk.org. We help rescues with things like Transport, Home checking, Fostering,re homing, fund raising etc. We help many pounds throughout the UK to find rescue placements for dogs that have served their 7 days and are due to be pts. We also work with welfare officers and have a very strict criteria that rescues must adhere to to take a dog through us , which include life time back up , no kill policy and neutering , fully vaccinating and micro chipping , we also get proofs back from rescues or their vets to prove that dogs they take through us are neutered , fully vaccinated and chipped.


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