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Aug 27, 2012
Oct 23, 2008
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Graphic designer/ commercial photographer

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kazschow was last seen:
Aug 27, 2012
    1. DogLover1981
      What have been up to lately? How are the chows?
    2. Spellweaver
      Just catching up - thanks for the rep on the diabetic thread :)
    3. Fuzzbugs!x
      Awww wow sounds amazing! Sure the dogs will love it! That would be great - you could meet the mutts lol :D ! x
    4. Fuzzbugs!x
      LOL :p! We're in the Eastend, do you know where Barlanark is? Next to Ballieston :)? Awww lucky you lol! I want to move somewhere a bit further out, but not far enough that i feel isolated lol :D x x
    5. Fuzzbugs!x
      thanks for the friend request, happy to be your pf friend :D x
    6. miniatureschnauzer
      im not fussed for selling them,, ive sold loads , i just want to make people who are having problems aware of the fact that there is somehing that can help them,there is no need to struggle,
    7. hawksport
      I didn't mean you don't take your dogs safety seriously. I mentioned it for the benefit of anyone else seeing the pics as much as anything else.
    8. DoubleTrouble
      Great advise all through!, have repped you! what was the outcome with your dog?
    9. DogLover1981
      How are you doing? How are the chows? Any new pictures of Sisky and Benny? :)
    10. mitch4
      i will add you to mt face book crew lol hope you sell your flat soon, the new place sounds fantastic, you could get a giant schnauzer they would ward off robbers lol although so would a mini god the bark on them would send anyone running lol

      so glad wev caught up xx
    11. mitch4
      Hi there glad its you :)

      Great news on Benny, Minya posts on my FB now and again but life is so busy wev not really chatted much at all, she seems really happy which is great after what she went through

      I have 2 more puppies only littlies mini schnauzers, we have 3 standards had to re home one girl as she became aggressive to the pack and was targeting one of them badly but shes in a great home and they keep us updated on her which is lovely so have 6 now i know madness LOL but great fun

      How are you doing good i hope
    12. mitch4
      Hi there long time no speak hows your dog who had the op on his leg doing, now if your not the Kazchow i think you are you are now thinking im a bit mad LOL LOL
    13. pamela Renfrew
      pamela Renfrew
      Hi..... just a little update on Anouk.... my new baby.... She is doing fantastically, considering both Ken and I have been floored for 3 days with the dreaded Norro Virus !!! She sleeps all night, peacefully, thank goodness as I havent had any energy to get up 2 or 3 times through the night !! Collects everything that moves and takes it to her bed which has become a little den for everything.... including my slippers at every opportunity!!.Loves to cuddle in on my Lap or shoulder or chest which I just love.... She is now chasing after Conoch (GSD) everywhere but knows to stand back from Kai (Malamute).... who is just loving evey time he walks by her bed he pinches one of the chews !!! he has managed to digest 2 Nylobones !!!! Hopefully the training will start soon when I get my strength back.... Hows everything with you ?? x
    14. kazschow
      Hi Pam, I just this morning agree a contract with the estate agents, it goes on the market next week, I so hope it goes soon :) New neighbours moved in two floors below me this afternoon, and the first thing he said to me was could I please try not to walk the dogs at a time when his kids might be about as he doesn't want them traumatised!!! Honest to god, what's wrong with people!!!

      On the house front, don;t know how I'm gonna keep it this clean til it sells lol

      hows you?, hows the dog walking? xx
    15. pamela Renfrew
      pamela Renfrew
      I have been a member on here for a few months now and notice that quite a few members are on here 24/7 ???? They then decide to take a "break" for a while as their oh is getting annoyed with them being on the computer all the time.... Weird... Some of the posts are very personal also... I would never consider posting half of what i am reading recently !!!!! Pamx
    16. pamela Renfrew
      pamela Renfrew
      Hi Karen... hows you ? I bet the flat is looking good now that its ready to go on the market ???
    17. kazschow
      HI Pamela, is it saturday? thought it was sunday! if so no :( I was going to take a stall at it too :( I have a self catering property in Drymen, and have to go do a change over on saturday unfortunately.

      Oh so excited for you about the puppy hehehee I've never had any of mine from puppies. A bitch is an education lol, my girl is way smarter than any boy I've ever had, she could buy and sell me let alone other dogs hehehee. We'll defo need to meet up soon.

      The flat is just about ready to go on the market, we've sanded floors, painted, cleaned, you name it we've done hehee I've got three estate agents coming out monday/ tuesday, so hopefully it'll be on soon after that. Bernies going to do the photographs for the schedule at the weekend. I'm a bit pissed off that we have to get one of these home information packs though, as unlike england and wales good old scotland has decided not to scrap them!!!

      Hows you getting on, still dog walking? kxxx
    18. pamela Renfrew
      pamela Renfrew
      Hey Karen.... How are you doing ? House all done and on the market now I presume ?? Any joy in selling ? I am getting a new pup.... My frist ever Small dog, an Alaskan Klee Kai and also my first ever bitch.... Have to travel down to South Wales at the end of this month to pick little Anouk up.... Sooooo excited, cant wait... Are you going to make it to Paws in the Park at Roukenglen Park on Saturday... Hope so and we can finally meet up..... Pamx
    19. kazschow
      No this forum is awful for not giving you any notification!!!! The caravan has been there a year, no way in this world am I ever living in it lol, it's the van from hell hehehee My little bitch is claustrophobic, so won't even go in the door of it, oh the joys of dog ownership eh ;) kx
    20. pamela Renfrew
      pamela Renfrew
      Hi.... just found these two messages.... does the forum not let you know that you have private messages ????? Sorry... Yup Julia Fields lives in Davidshill next to you..... My mother-in-law and her sister who lives in Newton Mearns are the only two people that I know who can afford Julia Fields Prices........One day !!!! Yeah dream on Pammy.... My house is, well.... I like to say it is lived in..... not a show house by any means.... but a clean mess if you know what i mean....It will be fantastic to have a brand new build.... Yeah we are seriously close..... I keep driving past hoping to bump in to you.... I see you have a caravan now... is that for you ?? Gateside is a nice wee village although i dont really know too many people as we are outside the village and not having kids you dont really get to know many folk...My mobile number is :- 078 456 55180.... sned me a wee text next time you are coming over and we can meet up..... All dogs welcome... that goes without saying.... Pamx
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    Graphic designer/ commercial photographer
    I'm proudly owned by Sisky and Benny, my two wonderful chow chows. I have a particular interest in dog health issues, in my case with relation to genetic inheritance. But love all things canine tbh :)

    At the moment renovating my completely derelict farmhouse in north ayrshire.... between that , the mutts and working who has time for hobbies LOL


    www.lochandlake.com Ultra dog friendly holiday apartment near Loch Lomond :)
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