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Aug 31, 2009
Sep 7, 2008
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Manchester area

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PetForums Member, from Manchester area

Kaz65 was last seen:
Aug 31, 2009
    1. obrub
      sorry £47

    2. obrub
      Where did you get your course for £41
    3. 0nyxx
      Poppy & Sasha are gorgeous, my 2 are 18 weeks now & have already had their 1st clip though Lola has a poor coat Sully is a hair ball.
      Her coat is coming along but she's going to me more smooth coated than fluffy according to the groomer, but she was ill when we 1st got her.
    4. Jellycat
      Thanks for pm and shasha and poppy are both gorgeous
    5. englishrose943
      Karen, Sasha is absolutely georgous, a very good looking little girl. I want her pleaseeeeeeee xx
    6. englishrose943
      lol I knew you would get another. We are breeding again next month carnt wait to have little fur balls all over the house lol.
      What are you geting a little girl/boy and what colour? x
    7. Pamela
      Hi, I love your little dog, I have a 14 month old Yorkie baned Holly.
    8. susiecue
      Hi Kaz65,
      Thanks for your message,Archie is doing well know but after his op which was castration & also he had an ambilicle hernia that was operated on at the same time, then he picked up a doggie virus, the vet said it was similar to our norwalk virus and that she had a lot of dogs in with it .He was very poorly but know he is back to week but is back to normal & causing havoc, he has so much energy and wants to play all the time
    9. Katie&Cody
      Hey hunny...passing through & saying hello ***WaVeS*** xxx
      Love your profile piccys :-)
      There is loads more of Cody on my profile if you want to check them out xxx
      How is poppy getting on, how old is she now?
      Hope your ok xxx
    10. Katie&Cody
      Aww your lucky. Nice to get a dog like that...i'm hoping my puppy will be just as good :-) Can you remember how many posts you had to do to become a member? at the moment i am a junior...lol!
    11. Katie&Cody
      Heya, i am new to the PF and thought i'd introduce myself...
      Feel free to chat to me, the great thing about PF is you are bound to make friends with people that have the same interestes... Animals...
      Pictures of your pooch are soo lovely I have a shi tzu (Still can't spell it right even to this today ) Well actually she is my parents but she is very aggresive... won't let you get near her without biteing you... weird.. we've tried everything but she just doesn't change.

      Love Kate xxx
    12. sara1978
      i just looked at your pics poppy is gorgeous. Is she playful? x
    13. englishrose943
      Just registered thanks for that and the link worked. Cheers
      Michelle x
    14. englishrose943
      Your very welcome glad i can be of help. Cannot get the other forum up was gonna check it out.
      Michelle x
    15. englishrose943
      Hi Kaz
      Yes we had one of our girls off the last litter with one of these it was an unbilical hernia and could be caused by the mum cutting the cord too short. If it can be pushed back in then that is what it will be if it doesnt then id get it checked out by the vet.
      It doesnt cause them any problems or pain and can disappear as Poppys gets older and bigger.
      Good luck
      Michelle x
    16. englishrose943
      Kaz its best when they are sleepy, this is when i do it lol x
    17. englishrose943
      Hiya hun
      Yes i do this also as they are very prone to eye infections. Just trim at the side of the nose and eye so that the fur doesnt get into the eye.
      so glad Poppy has settled in well shes absolutely beautiful.
      Michelle x
    18. englishrose943
      Hi again Kaz, we have always insured our dogs at 8 weeks old so not that clued up on this. Try More Than insurance thats the one we find the cheapest and are covered for more things. See if they can help. Good luck hun.
      Michelle x
    19. Kaz65
      Thanks love yes I paid a £50 deposit which I can say goodbye too. I think myself it was fate us buying this one as it was born on my husbands Birthday and its got my daughters name in its pedigree so shes made up.
      Thanks saw your reply. Still not heard from the other breeder. If I have any questions I will ask you thanks for everything.
      Karen x
    20. englishrose943
      Im so sorry to hear this about the original breeder, you didnt pay a deposit did you?
      Ive just replied to your post Poppy is adorable she really is. I had doubts about the original breeder anyway with the age she was gonna let her go maybe it was fate. Hope Poppy brings you lots of happiness any questions please get in touch. Good luck Kaz.
      Michelle x
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    Manchester area
    I love my Karate and my FIMA women's self defence.
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