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Aug 17, 2018
Aug 9, 2011
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PetForums VIP, from South East Scotland

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Aug 17, 2018
    1. danielled
      Or a month would get the message across these health issues first time they put me in hospital all we heard was it's a bug it's a bug answer me this does a bug have a pattern like this no. Does a bug start by kicking off once a month then every two weeks no I don't think so. If I could I'd go to the dogs home myself and say carer refuses to bring me because her puppy got parvo and she reckons the dogs here all have parvo I'd walk the dogs myself if it wasn't for my visual impairment.
    2. danielled
      Carer still refusing. Now she is saying oh the dogs there could if not will have parvo. They aren't stupid at the dogs home there will be no dogs with parvo there. Now she sees a dog that's ill and goes oh it's got parvo but on being told it isn't parvo says oh but Gizmo my puppy had it and I'm like yes Gizmo had it but doesn't mean every sick dog you see has it. Full of funny ideas that one. Stomach is still bad. If that carer doesn't change her ways she'll have to go.
    3. danielled
      How are you.
    4. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      Yeah i know what you mean i took our family cat with me when i moved out and then i moved in with my friend who had a cat, who is now like myy baby and then my baby got a tumour and died so i needed another cause i couldn't cope, and then we just kept adding lol now at the age of 27 i have a family of furies lol!

      My mum keeps saying i want human grandkids i tell it's tough lol
    5. axl
      your as bad as i am with this spreading lol
    6. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      yeah the idea is to separate them when i have to go out until their comfortable. Awwww kitties are very cute if the cats are already used to benny getting another dog should be a breeze for you!

      Its always nice to have a house full of furies isn't it?!
    7. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      Yeah he has been around cats, he is more timid around them than anything not aggressive at all so thats good! I have three kittens and one of them likes dogs so she'll be good one of the kittens will be a bit scared but thats a matter of getting used to him cause he hissed and hated my third kitten now they snuggle together.

      I have two older cats one of them is a love puss he tried to befriend my dads jack russell but he snarled at him so he ran but in general he'll adjust and the other one is a scaredy cat so i expect he will hide and then eventually come out and deal with it.

      I'm more worried about leaving the house, but i'm gonna buy some baby gates although knowing my little monsters they'll jump over it lol. How old are you babies
    8. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      just took a peek at your pics very cute kitties and dog you have, do they all get along well?
    9. axl
      need to spread it around again before i cna get to you lol x
    10. raggie doll
      raggie doll
      I'm getting a staffy/cross he is 1 1/2 very sweet they weren't allowed to keep pets anymore so i said f course i'll take him, i already have 5 cats i'm clearly starting a zoo lol

      Thats his pic on gumtree very sweet.
    11. danielled
      There is one other shelter not far from me mum said Leigh cats and dogs home asked her when she got home but I can't leave Manchester dogs home for Leigh cats and dogs home not now I've been there for nearly 2 years now I think and I'd be letting the dogs there down. I love it there I can't leave them. I'm happy there.
    12. katie200
      thanks for the rep :) hope you all okay
    13. Petitepuppet
      Thanks they are my babies <3 Nice to meet someone else from the borders.....I know there is another member on here from gala x
    14. Petitepuppet
      hiya I just moved to st boswells but used to live in kelso. where abouts are you?
    15. MoggyBaby
      Awwww, thank for the rep hun, that was really sweet of you. :o

      Merson can be quite articulate when he is not being a big huffy grumpypants. Which he is doing a lot since Abby came along...... :D
    16. axl
      thanks for the rep xx i tried repping back but had none left for today i shall tomorrow xx :d
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