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Aug 17, 2018
Aug 9, 2011
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PetForums VIP, from South East Scotland

kaz25 was last seen:
Aug 17, 2018
    1. danielled
      I hope so but I kept getting told they would settle on the injection they were wrong they were 2 weeks long.
    2. danielled
      I'll try and ride it out but at least it got one thing right still not had an attack.
    3. danielled
      I can't go on the pill. They said it will muck up my epilepsy meds.
    4. danielled
      Hmmm thi thing in my arm is messed up. Finished this months monthly on the 2nd January but for sow unknown reason I have another. Me thinks I will need to get this checked.
    5. danielled
      It is but twice now I have been told by specialists and nurses that something stops monthly's when it doesn't. Let's see if I get one next month eh?
    6. danielled
      I thought the monthly's were part of the cause of the endo?
    7. danielled
      When Was on the injection they told me that would stop monthly's and the pain. They were wrong that injection stopped nothing. At least this implant has stopped the pain.
    8. danielled
      Last months was a long one but this month the one she said I wouldn't have was really short. So far it seems everything I'm told stops monthly's doesn't.
    9. danielled
      That's not what the nurse who put in told me lol. She said I would have one but after that no more. Looks like she was wrong.
    10. danielled
      Something has happened that I was told wouldn't happen this month with the implant in.
    11. danielled
      I came home to find some idiot locked me out of my house.
    12. danielled
      Implant is still behavin and I think it's working. Should have had an endo attack two weeks ago.
    13. Milliepoochie
      Just wanted to say Benny is completely gorgeous!!! It makes me giggle / smile whenever I see him as my husband's name is Benny hehe (Well his English name we gave him as no one can pronounce his real name a he is Polish hehe). x x
    14. danielled
      Not got rid of the carer yet. Would come out better if mum told her.
    15. danielled
      It's taking it's time lol.
    16. danielled
      Shame I've still got the bruise and Mark where she put it in. The bruise is higher up. That's all that's sore now.
    17. danielled
      My shoulder is fin now.
    18. slakey
      Hey I was just wondering if you have recently changed over to raw food for Benny?
    19. MoggyBaby
      Yeah, we're all good too thanks.

      Just watching Dr Doolittle on the tv and REALLY wishing I had that ability to talk to animals!!! That would be soooooo mega.

      And yes, the joys of being part of an open forum..... :rolleyes:

      :D :D :D
    20. MoggyBaby
      Hi Kaz, Hope you're ok today.

      Are you still thinking of getting another Catit litter box? Currently £15.48 on Pet Supermarket..... :eek: :thumbup:

      Just saw that and thought of you. :)
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