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Aug 17, 2018
Aug 9, 2011
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PetForums VIP, from South East Scotland

kaz25 was last seen:
Aug 17, 2018
    1. danielled
      I've still got my implant. Think my wrong monthly's are getting a bit better too.
    2. simplysardonic
      Thanks for the rep :)
    3. swarthy
      Many thanks for the rep - much appreciated - I am certain your mum would be very proud of you xx
    4. danielled
      I'm great. Never been better. Don't know if you've seen my diary thread in dog chat but I've got a westie puppy.
    5. danielled
      I do believe my monthy's seem to be calming down a bit. How are you.
    6. colliemerles
      HaPpY BirtHdAy
    7. danielled
      You know that stupidly long monthly thatwent, well it came back now we discovered when I was sick with my gallbladder and my bloods weren't right because of my gallbladder I got a monthly that lasted ages, now my monthly is gone because my gallbladder is out wnd my bloods are getting back to how it should be. All that time we thought it was the implants fault and it was my bloods and gallbladders fault.
    8. danielled
      The long monthly that lasted 4 months is gone. It's gone for good.:D but my gallbladder is causing me pain now so need that out. Looking forward to losing it and turning my gallbladder from a stay in to a get out if me.
    9. danielled
      Mum has booked me in at the doctors for next week as clearly this pill is being rubbksh. She is taking. And said she won't leave til they give me something that actually does stop this monthly once and for all. It's getting ridiculous. That and my uncle died today.:(
    10. danielled
      Well it looked like it was stopping the monthly but now it looks like itisn't and I wouldn't call it light either. Why not give me something that actually does stop monthly's.:( She told me this pill would stop it.
    11. danielled
      It's called cerazette she checked before giving it me and it is fine. Seems to be workin too. It is getting lighter and lighter. Goodbye you silly billy never ending monthly that won't do one without this pill.:D I'll never have another one again.
    12. danielled
      I went to the doctors and as soon I sat down with the doctor she said are you still bleeding so I said yes and it's getting annoying. She said we can try the pill so I stopped her saying but the hospital said I can't have the pill so she looked a form of the pill up and bingo somebody didn't mention this form of the pill that I can have. Monthly seems to be getting lighter on it. Trust the hospital not to tell me about this pill.
    13. danielled
      Mum decided to book me in at the doctors. Got an appointment next week. I told her I might be abl to wait another week but she said she isn't leaving it any longer.
    14. danielled
      Monthly is still erratic but never mind.
    15. danielled
      I'm ok just seeing what this erratic monthly will do. But no worries though I'm fed up with it I'm trying to ride it out for a few weeks in hopes it will settle.
    16. danielled
      How are you tonight.
    17. danielled
      This one is all over the show. I'm not used to them lasting this long. It pretends to be going then decides to come back. That's all it's done. Checked yesterday came back said to mum where is the nearest brick wall. Then she said not again.
    18. danielled
      Mum spoke to the nurse on the phone today. Can Danielle hang on for another few weeks and if there is no change bring her in. No I can't is the answer to that. Something isn't right here. Had these feelings that something isn'right before and been right.
    19. danielled
      Mum has decided to book a telephone appointment.:)
    20. danielled
      I'm going to time this monthly I think. It's still going. Only finished just after new year so shouldn't have one. Wish they would start giving me correct info about this implant for once in their lives.:( If this is a long one I'm booking an appointment with the nurse who put it in. I'm not happy with them. Twice now they have told me something stops monthly's and it hasn't. It ends here.
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