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Oct 5, 2013
Jan 18, 2009
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North Yorkshire
Stay at home mummy

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PetForums VIP, from North Yorkshire

kayz was last seen:
Oct 5, 2013
    1. Devil-Dogz
      aw thank you, yes me and mum are both great thank you :) Hope all is well with you and the family :) X
    2. Paws&Claws
      congrats on 1000 posts...... (almost) lol x
    3. Cat_Crazy
      Thank you for my rep :)
    4. tillysdream
      Hi, thank you for the rep! That was sweet of you! x
    5. crazycrest
      Hi kayz & thank you for the lovely comment in my guestbook :0) x
    6. animallover111
      [IMG] ...Congratulations...and here is your new car....xxxx
    7. animallover111
      well im off to bed....good luck for tomorrow...dont forget to let us know......just keep positive and dont panick...you will pass...you will pass...you will pass......you will pass....xxxx
    8. CheekoAndCo
      Thanks for the rep :)
    9. DevilDogz
      Well then thats great as long as one person takes it on board im happy! :D:D
    10. DevilDogz
      hehe..Thank you Kayz..I know sometimes i can be abit in your face..But thats just me i will say it how i see it..i will not beat around the bush :blush: xxx
    11. Barney
      anytime, i couldnt believe what they were sayin and and wen they said dont make me comment on your avatar, i thought that was the lowest thing to do, if ya cant argue without insultin some1s children ya need shootin, anyway it all worked out ok hope ya dint get to upset by the idiot
    12. Nicky09
      Thank you we totally agree. I'm not even sure how he knows but it is amazing what they can train dogs to do.
    13. Molly's Mum
      Molly's Mum
      Under the breeding section it clearly states responsible breeding, the forum can't just pick & choose when it wants to be responible or not! They seem to change their mind as soon as somebody doesn't like the truth and then punishes the members who really do care and try to help out as much as possible, personally I am sick of it, which is such a shame I love being on here and have made so many friends. x
    14. Molly's Mum
      Molly's Mum
      Me neither to be honest, what are we supposed to say " yea just get any dog, mate it with any other dog and fingers crossed you can sell it for hundreds of pounds and we will all be happy" sorry I can't do that and I won't.
    15. Molly's Mum
      Molly's Mum
      Thanks for my blob, this is all doing my head in, this forum is going to end up losing some good members x
    16. billyboysmammy
      thanks for my blob! what a gorgeous baby!
    17. animallover111
      how did the driving lesson go......xxx
    18. animallover111
      no problem your a lovely member here....xxxxx
    19. animallover111
      Only just seen your thread on 4oo posts....congratulations have bumped it back to the top xxxx
    20. animallover111
      Thanks for the rep........xxxx
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    North Yorkshire
    Stay at home mummy
    I'm Kayleigh. I have 2 boys. I love walking, photography, football and loads of other stuff too.

    Walking, climbing, knitting, cross stitch.



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