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Mar 24, 2011
Oct 6, 2008
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March 16
Surrey, UK
Marketing Manager (luckily one of the perks of the

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Mar 24, 2011
    1. Shaunny
      Hello I have posted a new thread about feeding raw and I see you are very knowledgeable.

      I see you have sent over your basic guide to people. Could I please have a copy of it? I'm a bit like most people and am very confused with all the information. I gave the guys half a chicken carcus this morning as they have been on raw (they way I know how at the moment) for 4 weeks with no problems. They seemed to bolt it very quickly. More so the 10 month old frenchie. It did look like they struggles as they are it too quickly.

      Sorry for messaging you privately but I want to be sure I'm not rushing it. They have liver and other offel mixed on the way I'm doing it and their poo is not runny. I have noticed they have different types of poo lol, it's a lot harder and sometimes green at one end and brown the other also it's very pail sometimes
    2. abstractvibe
      I have recently started feeding my dogs on raw meat and bones and they have taken to it right away. However, I gave them a small amount of chicken liver and none of them showed any interest at all. Should I keep trying to feed it raw or feed it cooked? Until I switched to raw food I was cooking them chicken, beef etc and adding 'Bionic Biotic powder' and 'Almost Human Super Dog Ultimate Nutrition' , that's a tablet that I crushed up and added to the food. I am hoping they will get all the nutrition they need on just raw meat and hope I am doing the right thing. I changed because of their teeth which they don't like being brushed.:confused:
    3. Malmum
      Miss your helpful posts Katie wish you'd come back. Your sticky should not have been posted over, thats the point of a sticky, it's not like a normal thread it's for info only and anotheer thread should have been started with the other posts. Too many cooks and that! The forum needs your knowledge in raw feeding. Hope you come back in the new year at least. Also hope you are okay.
    4. cinnamontoast
      I'm sad to see you haven't been on here recently: your sticky has been so helpful and has picked up momentum and converted lots of people. We could do with you back.
    5. Malmum
      Thank you. Honestly you just can't live worrying about what might happen, we'd never go out of the front door if we did.
      BTW your sticky mustn't be removed, perhaps there should be a raw feeding chat and no comments in your thread. It's been so helpful to others. Failing that negetive posts should be removed as a sticky is there to help people, it's not like a normal post.
      Well done for doing it though but don't let the few ruin it for all the rest of us.
    6. MarKalAm
      I know what you mean. It's frustrating, that's why I didn't get involved. That's not what the thread is about. It was good while it lasted, hopefully they will remove the off topic posts and it can get back on track. :)
    7. hobbs2004
      Yeah you certainly did that! Good luck with your event!
    8. hobbs2004
      I would rep you again for your patience girl. You have the heart of an angel! Alas I cannot so you have this instead: [IMG]
    9. LouJ69
      Hey Katie, just thought I'd let you know that we're still on the raw diet & the dogs are doing really well on it. Alpha has only had 1 bout of diarrhoea (but she had been mooching through a plastic bag while out for a walk earlier in the day so we reckon she ate something in it & that caused the diarrhoea). This is a great result in my eyes as, even with the special food that she was getting from the vet, she still had diarrhoea on occasion. Since changing she's been great. She seems to be less hyper, but I'm not sure if it's from the diet or the fact that she's getting older (she's 6 months now)
      One question that I wanted to ask you though-you say you get ribs from the butcher etc. - are they salted? Is it ok if they are? I've seen some interesting stuff in my butchers like hocks, proper ribs etc, but they're always salted so I've never bought them in case it was bad for the dogs. Do you reckon it would be ok?
    10. cinnamontoast
      Big dog's had them before and been fine but now we've gone all pure (!), I don't want to sully their tummies!
    11. cinnamontoast
      Ooh, do you get to see it? How fab!

      Quick odd query: can I give the dogs rawhide chews as treats? I'm being very careful! Had to laugh at the big dog, who is normally very food motivated, carefully eating round the sardines-he hates them!
    12. hobbs2004
      Well, thank you KF!
    13. leashedForLife
      yoo-hoo! :D hey, hun -
      *arklady just trotted out that spavined old-hobbyhorse about any 2 trainers only agreeing with what a 3rd does wrong - Pet Forums Community - View Single Post - ART: "Hail, Cesar - Or Not", 10-25-10
      [i disagree, personally.] what do U think?
    14. Allana
      Hi katiefrankie, I've tried to search the page for the puppy raw feeding guide but can't find it, sorry if I'm being blind! Could you please send me the page link so we can have a wee look. Been thinking about it! Thanks x x
    15. lozb
      Thank You for my email!!! Sorry didn't reply - but take on Everything you said.
      Baxter luffs ya - he doesn't know it but believe me - he luffs ya! :D
    16. LouJ69
      Hey hun, never got a chance to thank you for all the info that you gave me-plenty of reading in it, so it kept me busy! Just wanted to let you know that I started the RMB diet with the 2 dogs today(I think that's good considering I'm a vegetarian!). They both got a heart as their offal & then chicken legs & fillets for their meat & bone dinners. I'm amazed at how small the portions actually are. Monty is 25kg so going by the 80:10:10 he gets 600g meat & 75g meat, 75g offal. It looks so little when it's compared to what they were getting in commercial food. Monty loved it, but he was still wondering where his usual dinner was-lol, he thought it was just a treat! I bagged up 5 days worth of dinners for the 2 of them, so here's hoping it all goes well! Thanks a million again. I'll keep you posted.x
    17. Sam1309
      got all bear's food all sorted now!!!
    18. Sam1309
      that thread had been more than helpful it's been my life line
    19. Horse and Hound
      Horse and Hound
      No worries.

      Vets wont take the advocate back and I'm loath to wasting money...so I might use it this once and then see how we do re changing over. Do you think it would be ok to use that homeopathic remedy to prevent lungworm and the like alongside a drontal? I'm not sure I trust it 100% to get rid of worms, but it might be useful to stop the other stuff?
    20. kaisa624
      Aww no :( Bless! Chris passed his army thingy today with a B, so he won't be going in straight away methinks, but he'll be going in the next couple months!
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    March 16
    Surrey, UK
    Marketing Manager (luckily one of the perks of the
    Living in Surrey with my OH & mummy to Gizzie & Mitten, our moggy sisters that we have had since kittens and the latest addition to our family is Maggie the Border Collie who we got at 8 weeks and is now 17 months old (time has flown!).

    Sadly we lost our older cat Harrie over a year ago now - run free princess xx

    Reading everything and anything on canine behaviour and healthcare/nutrition, especially alternative healthcare and raw feeding as it fascinates me, training maggie for obedience and agility, doing up the house & looking after my (fur) babies in general :) ...oh and loitering on pet forums!! lol
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