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May 12, 2009
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Mar 3, 1989 (Age: 31)

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PetForums VIP, Female, 31, from uk

    1. danielled
      He was gorgeous.
    2. noushka05
      Hiya Katie

      Weather looking promising this morning, hope it is for you aswell. Lets hope it settles down for a bit now, we've had enough blinking rain! Mind you the rain will do your flowers good, what kind have you planted ? LOL @Holly :D - our printer is a pain aswell, i dont even know how to use it, but i know it frustrates my hubby & Sons when they're trying to print stuff - it never makes it easy for them lol. I did enjoy the meal, i had a bean burrito, it was lovely.

      Dogs were fed at 7 so they're all fast asleep at the moment. Hope you & your lovely little gang are all well & hope you have a wonderful weekend too Katie xx
    3. moggiemum
      hi katie and furries , we ok , susie is batting flashy ball around and ankhie is asleep now , im off too bed soon too , i have to give up smoking tomorrow as i havedental surgery coming up and my gums wont heal if i keep smoking its gonna be hard , i may not be on as much as im gonna start handsewing as i dont smoke when i sew , i will let you know how it goes , im pretty determined to do it - i have too :( take care xxx
    4. danielled
      We are all fine. I walked a gorgeous dog at the dogs home he was called Wilson.
    5. cheekyscrip
      He is 8 months now..will post some photos for you in Cat chat..;)
    6. Mr Gizmo
      Mr Gizmo
      Hello Katie,

      Sorry for the slow reply,I'm at work.
      We are all good in the Gizmo house,the sun is nowhere to be seen but at least it's dry out.
      How about yourself ?
      The weather looks good up there.
    7. cheekyscrip
      hi...we are ok...my baby growing to a big cat! How are you , Jessie and Smokey?
    8. ForestWomble
      Hello Katie,

      We are all OK, thank you for asking. How are you and your pets?
      My gerbils were acting like clowns yesterday, being very entertaining!
    9. Zaros
      Hello Katie,

      We're doing just fine thank you and thank you for asking. Summer's here and we've just had a heatwave followed by lots of thunder and lightning and rain. Now we need a boat. :wink:

      I hope you and your pets are all just as well if too. :001_smile:
    10. noushka05
      Hiya Katie.

      No we've not done anything much this bank holiday, we went out last night for a meal with our son, but that's about it. The weathers been too rubbish to have a run out anywhere, so we've not bothered. Have you been anywhere nice?

      LOL sounds like little Smokey has a great big personality, bless him :D

      Glad to hear you've had some sunshine - we've had rain, rain, rain & a bit more rain! hahaa

      Hope you are having a lovely week too Katie xxx
    11. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi, it was great catching up with inlaws, they had a terrific time on holiday. photos were fantastic, rome looks beautiful and very interesting too.

      the sun has got it's hat on today, yippee, still not too hot though so hopefully will get max down to the field.

      how are you and yours? take cre f.b.l.
    12. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi, sunshine trying it's best to come through the rain clouds but at least it's still warm. max is laying sleeping but it'll soon be time for his affo walk. we have had a nice relaxing weekend, (No noise from roudy neighbours for a full day, yippee).

      my inlaws are just back from rome so will be seeing tham soon, catch up on holiday gossip.

      hope you have had a nice weekend so far.

      take care. f.b.l.
    13. noushka05
      Hiya Katie

      Alls well-ish with us lot thanks, hows it with you & lovely Jessie & co ? Bet she enjoyed her walk to the forest, and bless Smokey for trying to tag along on walks, aww hes just like a little dog:D

      The weathers been very unsettled though we've had a bit of sun this afternoon, really hope its going to be a nice bank holiday week for all of us, so we can all enjoy the sunshine.:)
    14. alan g a
      alan g a
      Hi . eveyone here are well. The tiels are becoming rather noisy now that they have young to feed. Its great to the parents taking it in turns feeding them.
      By the way, I have just added a barn owl in flight to my album. Have a look, I think you will se what I mean about cartoon ghosts.
    15. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi, bit dull today but warm. 'he who must not be obeyed', ha ha , took max out this morn so my turn for affo walk. good excercise for me. it made me smile when i read smokey's going around walking with jessie, it must look really cute. hope you have a nice weekend, ttfn.
    16. alan g a
      alan g a
      I am glad you like my barn owl pic. In my area, they are sometimes called screech owls or phantom owls. Screech owl because of their blood curdling, human like screech. Phantom owl because when in flight they look like a cartoon ghost. While walking through a local woods one night, a barn owl flew out in front of me. This action is designed to scare off potential enemies. Trust me, it works.
    17. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi, nice to hear from you. we have been enjoying the lovely warm, sunny weather too. we went along to max's fav field, no livestock anywhere near, and lay just looking all round at trees and suchlike, lovely. he's now laying on bed fast asleep. long may the sunshine last, eh. did you take a look at all my pics? if you did you wouldv'e seen parsley, yellow lab, my sis's dog, sadly passed away now last year, sorely missed too. jessie reminds me of him. hope all furries are well, ttfn.
    18. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi, thank you for the 'like', hope you and yours are well, ttfn.
    19. noushka05
      Aww look at Jessie with her ball!:D That's a great photo Katie, I imagine shes a very good catch lol

      We did have a lovely bike ride the other day, one of my friends dropped out so there were just 3 of us in the end(shes such a light weight! lol). My friend took a gps thingy to record how many miles we did. We did 5.5 miles at an average speed of 7mph, max speed was 17mph, it took us 48 minutes to do it in & that's including stopping outside a pub for a drink - boy were we thirsty!:D Those gps's are amazing!:eek:

      My lot are all crashed out all over the place at the moment & the suns gone Katie - its been chucking it down all morning!

      Hows your gang today? (sorry for this late reply by the way, I don't know how, but I almost overlooked yours & MB's messages :/ )
    20. noushka05
      Hiya Katie

      Very pleased to hear alls well with you & yours & the furries have been enjoying the sun.

      We have had summer weather aswell Katie, and it seems to be holding up as its another beautiful morning. I'm going on a bike ride at tea time with 3 of my friends, we've made sure theres a nice pub on route so we can get some liquid refreshments:D Should be a laugh! lol

      Whats the weather like for you today?
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    Mar 3, 1989 (Age: 31)
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