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May 12, 2009
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Mar 3, 1989 (Age: 31)

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PetForums VIP, Female, 31, from uk

    1. Bean and Bear
      Bean and Bear
      Hi there!
      thanks for the kind words and its good to know that other cats have lived happily with cat flu such as yours did. :) I thought one of them was dying this morning actually but turns out he was just sleeping (HUGE relief!)..
      I have posted a link to some pictures in the thread (bottom of first page) which you might like to have a look at as they are very cute!
    2. sullivan
      Thats for your comments on our pictures yes our dog Murphy is lovely and a great family pet. My cat is going through a biting stage at the mo but they said it should calm a bit after he is neutered so hes booked in on the 18th Poor thing. But he doesnt nip as much on us its my daughter and its out of play not aggression. We found using lemon based smellies helps he doesnt like the smell or tase i dont think. Buy for now. Teresa
    3. Milly22
      I hope your Feliway continues to work for you. My mums cat is a little biter (it's not nice when they bite is it?) and my mother-in-law's Ragdoll gets very stressed, she uses Feliway for him. I will put some pictures of our kittens up at the weekend for you to have a little look at.

      Someone emailed me this morning to ask if would swap 2 of your Ragdolls for a Nokia N95! Can you believe the cheek! :) I replied saying "No, I have a phone thanks"!

      Anyway, must get some work done! How are your cats with your pup? We have a dog, I think she thinks she is the kittens mother at times, we have to seperate them at times as they lie beside her, I think she will miss them lots when they go! I think we all will to be honest :)
    4. Fleur
      Thx for the friend request, My computers playing up at the mo and it won't let me accept, just keeps trying to 'load'. And thx for the picture comment, Bobbie is my friends dog I occasionally look after. Jessie looks a real cutie and your cats are beautiful
    5. hayleyb
      aww your smokey does look like sheldon. sheldons bro came to see him 2day (didnt go down too well) but he looks so much like him. altho they had their own features
    6. ninja
      what breed is your new pup?, what have you called her?, x
    7. Milly22
      Misty can actually play ball!! I throw her a little ball, it's a christmas decoration so she gets the little bit for tying onto the tree and she puts that in her mouth and brings the ball back when I throw it. Very clever!
    8. Milly22
      Me too. I have a lovely litter of ragdolls at home just now. They are 6 weeks old and great fun as well as being very sweet and into absolutely everything! They fight lot's too. I also have a bog-standard moggie, she is very lovely too.

      My Mil has 2 ragdolls, one of them looks a wee bit like your one. I would like one of each. ie. I have a seal mitted girl, so I now need, a blue colourpoint, a seal colourpoint, a bicolour (just one colour of them would be fine) and a blue mitted and I think I would be happy! :) Have I fogot any? :))
    9. Milly22
      I love your raggie. He/She looks lovely.
    10. Milly22
      Hi there,

      Thanks very much. I shall have to have a wee look at yours now. :)
    11. DevilDogz
      thanks you for the picture comments x
    12. hayleyb
      hiya. thanx hes nearly 11 months old and is very naughty. yous cat is lovely look at her little face. id kiss her all over and not let her go he he
    13. ninja
      hi thanks for your comment on pic :),
      he is a big softy so is my staffy :yesnod:, x
    14. tina clarke
      tina clarke
      thank you katie.well she did cost an arm and a leg lol
    15. shortbackandsides
      Hi your raggies gorgeous where did you get him??
    16. Storm_boy
      Hi and thanks, he is a Northern Inuit and a big bundle of fun
    17. kittykat
      Aww your kittens are lovely! Beautiful ... :)
    18. tina clarke
      tina clarke
      have a look at pictures of bengals on here then you will no,to me he looks more tabby with a small amount of bengal,but hes sweet
    19. katie200
      hi everyone
    20. woofford2009
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    Mar 3, 1989 (Age: 31)
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